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Hello Storie!
Sat Apr 5, 2014 2:29pm

It was a sad day when HolyGround was abandoned,
but fortunately The ClanCDC has stuck together,
and YOU found us again.

You were always a favorite visitor,
and I would love to include you in my Facebook list of friends. I
hope life is treating you well and it continues to do so.

  • A Ghost From the PastStorie, Thu Apr 3 7:42am
    Hello! I hope you are all doing well. A few years ago I posted on this board under the name of Storie. There was also a Highlander Fan Board through which I and several others wrote fan fiction and... more
    • STORIE!!!!!haydencdc, Mon Apr 7 9:40am
      Fantastic to see you here! Missed seeing you around
      • Hey, haydencdc!Storie, Tue Apr 8 1:31pm
        It's great to hear from you! Look forward to seeing you on FB. :)
    • Wow.......Storie!!pacemcdc, Sun Apr 6 9:12am
      It has been so long. And it is so good to see you pop up here. I hope you find your way to facebook and maybe reconnect with some of those HL writers. Happy Spring! ps. and !!!WOW!!! to the Duncan... more
      • Hi pacemcdc!Storie, Sun Apr 6 3:17pm
        It's so good to see you! If you are on FB, I'd love to meet up with you there. Hope all is going well for you and yours. Hugs!
        • I am on fbpacemcdc, Wed Apr 9 4:28am
          We even have a CDC group. See you there.
    • Hello Storie! — lynnanncdc, Sat Apr 5 2:29pm
      • Hi lynnanncdc!Storie, Sat Apr 5 4:46pm
        I am glad I found my way back! :) I'd love to be FB friends as well. Send me an e-mail and I'll give you the link to my FB page. It's great to see you again!
        • email sentlynnanncdc, Sat Apr 5 7:37pm
          this is what I was up to last september, a local Comic Con:
          • WOW!!!Storie, Sun Apr 6 7:24am
            You are absolutely glowing, girl! :) Attending the Comic Con = Fun! Having your photo taken with Adrian Paul = Awesome!!! I responded to your e-mail and sent you a FB friend request!
    • Oh my goodness!lahoffyCDC, Sat Apr 5 11:14am
      Hello stranger, long time no see! I wasn't a writer, just a huge fan. As you can see this board has gone fairly quiet as most of us have moved over to Facebook. I know there's several pages over... more
      • :) !Storie, Sat Apr 5 1:54pm
        I'd love to connect on FB! I've sent you an e-mail. Thanks! :)
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