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Hey Cel!
Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:55pm

Long time no see! As lynnann and sharz have said, we mostly keep up with each other on Facebook now. We definitely had some good times here, though! HL was the first fandom I ever dove into online and boy, did it suck me in, lol. Good times. Great "seeing" you!

  • Long ago poster stopping byCeledon, Fri Apr 17 7:30pm
    Many, many moons and years ago I used to have a site called Celedon's Chambers which was turned over to tiranog when I got burnt out maintaining it. I got curious recently to see what had become of... more
    • Hey Cel! — lahoffyCDC, Fri Apr 24 8:55pm
    • Hi Cellynnanncdc, Fri Apr 24 7:11pm
      we mostly keep up with each other on Facebook, so there's not a lot of posting going on here. We DID have a lot of fun here, and maybe we will again, when the stars align and our lives as well. Good... more
      • Hello, Celedon!SharzCDC, Fri Apr 24 8:22pm
        How have you been? Eh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? We did have a lot of fun! It's amazing to me, in hindsight, that a TV movie/franchise held us enthralled for so many years, and for so long... more
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