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Miss Heroin
Tue Feb 21, 2012 08:17

I memorized this poem in 1976. It meant a lot to me then because I had friends whom these words described. The words were a little different then, and I can tell it has been rephrased here and there. My teenage son is in high school now, the same age I was the first time I read Miss Heroin. Sadly, heroin is making a come-back in many communities across the country, including mine. My son's in Health and they are currently learning about illegal and illicit drugs. I printed this off for him to share with his class. Thank you for having it available. The words were powerful then and they still are. P.S. When I memorized "Miss Heroin" the author was listed as "Anonymous Addict"

    • Re: Miss HeroinAnonymous, Thu Apr 19 17:22
      It really did mean something huge to us back in the day. I hope the kids today read it.
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