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Reunite Mom and Son
Fri May 4, 2012 12:29

My daughter had a baby 2 months ago and the baby got released from the hospital before her so Mom arranged to have the father's side of the family watch the baby until she could get released and get back to health. The father disappeared the day after baby was born so he is out of the picture.

She requested from the paternal cousins who were babysitting to allow her a visit, they said they would bring the baby to her and they never showed. So Mom arranged to live with her maternal cousins in Phx and asked for her baby back from the paternal cousins so she could actually live with her child.

The paternal "grandmother" took it upon herself to make a drastic life altering decision and called CPS saying Mom was too sick to take care of the child by herself.

And I agree, a complicated health issue is making taking care of the baby by herself most difficult that is why she called her maternal cousin to live with her and gave her maternal cousin Power of Attorney so she COULD LIVE WITH HER CHILD while she attends to her health. Being with Baby that she Loves helps her grow stronger.

Giving power of attorney to her maternal cousin actually shows she is being a responsible parent to her child. But CPS in their report said she was neglectful for NOT having one. And that she is just too sick to care for him. She arranged for pediatric care for the baby even when he was with the paternal cousins and again once she was in Phx. That just didn't matter, CPS was determined to yank this child even though he was in a clean, safe, loving home with his own mom.

Most will assume if CPS was called in, then the parent is automatically wrong, Mom's ONLY crime was being released from a hospital still very ill and was bleeding out. She arranged care and medical attention for her baby the whole while and from the hospital. Yet everyone assumes she "did" something wrong.

But paternal "grandma" called CPS and CPS ripped the baby away from Mom and now Mom's attorney fees are climbing. SO my advice Moms, don't EVER get sick or you may loose your child under false allegations.

If you would like to help by making a donation, it would be appreciated. His PAYPAL account is babytrustinlove@gmail.com or if you would like to write to mom or baby that is always nice too. If you have experiences good or bad with CPS, you are welcomed to share. If there is something I need to be doing? please help

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