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The Enthusiastic hard working American
penny pinchers
Mon May 7, 2012 19:34

Dear Rich man,
Why oh why do you save your money so? Saving, buying, investing...gaining more and more wealth...this is not to the wealthy man who spends and shares his money freely. It is to the rich and stingy man that I write this message for. The ones who keep accumulating and not spending and fulfilling ones dreams. If you do not have the passion for life, the yearning for adventure and the inspiration to travel and see the world for its beauty why not someone else enjoy your riches for they will not be missed. I am one who yearns for the adventure I speak...I am not a beggar or a leech... my work ethic and sacrifice might just surprise you but I have nor will I ever have the means to make my dreams come true... for I am a realist I know my place in this world and it is surviving...never to truly experience what those of wealth do. I am just a uncommon man in a rich mans world...without the means to experience life they way they can... So do me a favor rich man...spend your money experience life and if you are too afraid....make someone who is willing to risk it all dreams come true... for it is better to live rich then die rich.

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