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Big Bubba
little miss heroin
Tue Aug 7, 2012 06:18

This poem was not written in the seventies but written in the early to mid eighties , about 1984 to 1985 to be exact.At the CIP. long bay
Firstly heroin did not hit the jail system till 1980 .Shortly after the long bay CIP riot in 1979 .They started making changes giving prisoners power points and toilets in their cells .Tvs .,jugs etc.Contact visits came along and then a influx of drugs into the prisons .

that poem was made by a guy that.did not use heroin but his wife got on heroin . She also got of it and is still alive .And the original title was Married to heroin ,i have seen it changed over the years to heroin, little miss heroin ,and miss heroin etc etc ,It was written about the addiction of heroin ,being owned by the addiction, stealing, robbing,etc ,When it was written the poem itself was written as the heroin being a female how she gets into your system and takes control of your existence and once you have it you become married to it (heroin }for life .Tens of thousands have used and changed the words to suit themselves .The original was only seen by two people.The guy that made the poem made it overnight in his cell for another prisoner Whom happens to be me .the reason it was never published in a name is because , The Poet was hired to make some love poems and a heroin poem for a prisoner who"s wife had just gotten on heroin .When the prisoner recieved the heroin poem he immediately changed the words to suit himself .

Iam the guy that paid for the poem and whom the original was written for. So iam actually the owner of the copyright,I then published it in a jail magazine for the first time i forget the name but it was run by prisoners action group magazine .From there i seen it hundreds of times with words changed .Different titles etc.
When i originaly published it, i published it as anonymus .Because half the words were mine and about half the original poets words .So i didnt think it was fair to post it under either of our names .I do know the original Author and his name .But that will remain anonymous .I also done about 3 or 4 more jail poems that were actually my own work that were a lot better then married to heroin .One was the victors cup don"t Quit .,That one has been around the world i made it in prison at the same time as things got worse with my wife on drugs .Years later i seen that poem all over the internet and some american coach getting credited with it .But in actual fact i made the poem .But the coach did not say he wrote it he just used it as a motivation poem so everyone gave him credit for writting it and pressumed he did .

  • Poem " miss heroin"Anonymous, Thu Apr 19 17:20
    I grew up in the 70's and early 80's. We knew this off by heart. I remember it a bit different as you said it had be changed. all I recall was "anonymous"...as the author. Such a great poem.
    • little miss heroin — Big Bubba , Tue Aug 7 06:18
      • little miss heroinbig bubba, Mon Jul 10 10:41
        that poem was around before that .I was the first woman in b,annex pentridge and had copied it out for my now husband kerry who was in b,div. and it had been around for awhile then,but i did copy it... more
      • Miss HerionJacqueline, Thu Jun 16 15:26
      • Miss HerionJacqueline Parks, Thu Jun 16 15:22
        Ya it was written in the 70's by me! I have the original tattered paper and partial writing in my grade school autograph book..Grw up in Detroit saw a lot needed up doing a lot...the reference to... more
      • Re: little miss heroin Anonymous, Fri Jan 15 22:13
        Unbelievable, this writing or poem if you prefer, is definitely an 'anonymous' writing that was floating around back in the very early 70's (possibly back in the late 60's). It was really well known... more
      • Re: little miss heroin Anonymous, Sun Feb 1 14:22
        I was in the Army and stationed at FT Ben Harrison in the early 70's. A girl who I was friends with wrote the poem and mailed it to me. I still have the original and she told me to put it to music.... more
      • Re: little miss heroin Anonymous, Fri Dec 19 19:10
        It was written in the 70s by an anonymous person. The title has been changed quite a few times. Heroin was considered boy, coke was girl. So whoever changes it to miss heroin was wrong. The original... more
        • miss herionjacqueline, Thu Jun 16 15:29
          Your right about only one thing! I never thought it would go world wide and at that time in my life I share it!! and it was Miss Heroin! NOT Mr.....only Mr..is when I started writing it in my grade... more
      • authorJane Lomas, Thu Dec 4 10:13
        The author is a woman called Jane Lomas. She was moving in Australia as a immigrant from the United Kingdom. She was born in a city called Darlington in the north east pop England on the 1960's.... more
      • little miss heroinAnonymous, Wed Apr 24 03:30
        could you post me a copy of the original poem as cant find actul one anywhere, cheers m8.
      • Miss HeroinAnonymous, Mon Oct 29 10:17
        I KNOW FOR A FACT that this poem was around in the early 70's, because I have a copy of it from when I was in high school. So who ever the #$@K you are, YOU ARE WRONG. You ripped off someone else's... more
        • Miss HerionJacqueline, Thu Jun 16 15:25
          Thank you! cause I WROTE It, I want to prove it! IDK how! other than carbon dating the paper it's on from the 70's and my grade school year book I started writing it, but changed some words later! So ... more
        • Re: Miss HeroinAnonymous, Fri Dec 19 19:12
          Thank you!! That's exactly what I said and is original in the 70s was Mr. Heroin.
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