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About the poem Phoenix.
Tue Mar 4, 2014 01:37

The poem is a wonderful one and carries Truth too, but there's a slight lack of information that makes it incomplete. Its the part which says that the "Spirit never dies and that I'll return in another body". And, its not correct because matter cannot be destroyed either, neither can be the electromagnetic energy called the "Spirit". They both undergo the breakup called "Decomposition" to regain its pure elemental form to serve its purpose. And we all come from those components which constitute to our body and spirit, as we're all beings of nature. So, not just the spirit the body also remains the same, its just that the looks may vary. And, its just the awareness and realization of one's true self and sense of responsibility that makes the difference between the "Obvious" and the "Phoenix" or a True Human Being and a Being of Nature, The True Me.And, where it means that "It was "Me", it is Me and will always be "Me" time after time" is True. It never changes, as Truth remains the same, Forever.

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