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i am the one wh really wrote
Thu Apr 23, 2015 14:26

I am the real one who wrote miss herion for many reasons , I was young ~~ lost my best friend and have seen more at 15 than most will see at 60. yes if you need the prove I have it . the point is to get the message out with miss herion as its back big time once again and I am your disease I wroye that one as well . please spread the wprd cause we are losing children 14-27 at alarming rates ever . since cyber bulling the nimber one cause of death is one takes there own life. it needs to stop ~~ we need to get the message out there I did teach this . have a gret day always smile love ~ laugh ~ live ~ have fun~ sing ~ dance ~ go for a walk ~ watch a unset or rise ~ the best things in life are for free ~~ stars wishes ~ bubbles ~~

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