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Miss Herion
Thu Jun 16, 2016 15:25

Thank you! cause I WROTE It, I want to prove it! IDK how! other than carbon dating the paper it's on from the 70's and my grade school year book I started writing it, but changed some words later! So if anyone knows how I can prove it please tell me!! I am glad it helped ppl tired of seeing the words changed around! and other ppl claiming the most bizarre ways they saw it! I also gave it to someone who went into rehab in the 80's he may have shared it? IDK!

  • Miss HeroinAnonymous, Mon Oct 29 10:17
    I KNOW FOR A FACT that this poem was around in the early 70's, because I have a copy of it from when I was in high school. So who ever the #$@K you are, YOU ARE WRONG. You ripped off someone else's... more
    • Miss Herion — Jacqueline, Thu Jun 16 15:25
    • Re: Miss HeroinAnonymous, Fri Dec 19 19:12
      Thank you!! That's exactly what I said and is original in the 70s was Mr. Heroin.
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