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miss herion
Thu Jun 16, 2016 15:29

Your right about only one thing! I never thought it would go world wide and at that time in my life I share it!! and it was Miss Heroin! NOT Mr.....only Mr..is when I started writing it in my grade school year book! Then I rewrote and finished it! pls tell me where to take my tattered poem and get it carbon dated already! I don't know another way to prove to ppl..except for those who saw it! years and years ago!

  • Re: little miss heroin Anonymous, Fri Dec 19 19:10
    It was written in the 70s by an anonymous person. The title has been changed quite a few times. Heroin was considered boy, coke was girl. So whoever changes it to miss heroin was wrong. The original... more
    • miss herion — jacqueline, Thu Jun 16 15:29
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