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Kim Holian
Take me into your arms (Miss heroin poster from the 70's
Tue Aug 1, 2017 10:11

This poster was sold out of Scholastic books when I was growing up It Had A Demon looking large women in color with a naked girl squatting at her feet in black and white. Even then I think author was Unknown. Scared the hell out of me. Never did I ever think of doing dope.

    • Miss HeroinCarmen, Tue Aug 1 19:43
      Kim, that poem has been claimed by so many people on this site alone, that I could write a book with just the names of the so-called authors. I can imagine how it scared many people away from heroin. ... more
      • Go ask Alice.Kim holian, Wed Aug 2 02:57
        Already read it in high school, awesome book. Made me keep away from rabbit holes.
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