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just a scenario
Thu Aug 30, 2018 15:35

Wouldn't it be ironic if the author was a female who had not even made it to her teenage years before hell grabbed hold of her and it was her who wrote the poem in 1973 or 74 lets just say and the poem she wrote was never given a title and nobody has ever rewritten the poem exactly word for word how she wrote it. And maybe she sent it to Ann Landers who published it in the paper. And this girl now a grown lady has no interest in claiming to be the author, not wanting everyone to know her story. But the original maybe burnt down in the family home when it caught on fire and burnt down in the summer of 2016 or 17 lets just say. And wonder if the world would maybe like to know that the little girl grew up and still has a drug problem. Not with heroin but other drugs. What a sad scenario that would be. But that could really happen I guess. Well thanks for listening I like to make up what if stories. Thank you.

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