Barbara OGrady
Thank you Mr Rozynski
Fri Sep 26, 2008 22:17 (XFF:

I am sorry I cant help but I thank you for all the information it is very interesting.
My Uncle may have been there later but in the early Postcards I have he is at E211 all I know is that was the Treibiz Railway But I have no idea where this is or was or what they did there.
If you could help me with that, or could find
out where that is I would be very grateful after so many years it is sometimes so hard to find out My parents and I met a wonderful Polish Lady
after the War in New Zealand I was young at the time but remember her telling my parents about her time in Poland during the War it was terrible to listen to I never forgot her.sadly I dont remember her name just how lovely she was to a little girl.

  • E22 campArtur Rozynski, Fri Sep 26 15:59
    Dear Mrs. O'Grady Similar answer I sent to Mr.Ian Bowley. I live in Gliwice Sosnica from 35 years. In war time this part of city Gliwice called Gleiwitz-Oehringen. War prisoners worked in local coal... more
    • E22tonychaloner, Mon Mar 29 14:10
      To Arthur Rozynski Hello Arthur If you would let me have your address I will send you a copy of my Uncle's (Alec Barker) account of his time in the war. Best Wishes Tony Chaloner
      • E22poolemelanie, Sat Sep 23 21:18
        To Tony I understand that this is an old post, but I was wondering if you still had any information on Camp E22. My Grandfather was held there for 4 years, then force marched until liberation. I'm... more
      • E22Ian Bowley, Tue Mar 30 07:54
        Hello Tony, I'm hoping that if you are corresponding with Artur, your uncle was in E22 in Sosnica. My father was there for more than 4 years, and I am trying to find out as much as possible about... more
      • Pow campsArthur Rozynski, Mon Mar 29 20:50
        Dear Tony, With pleasure I will know history of your Uncle in war time. Greetings Arthur
    • Artur RozynskiJack Glasner, Mon Jan 25 01:55
      Dear Artur, AS you have lived in Gleiwitz for such a long time I would like to write to you, kindly forward your Email to me Bavno
    • Thank you Mr Rozynski — Barbara OGrady, Fri Sep 26 22:17
      • Camp E22 and E211Artur Rozynski, Sat Sep 27 14:08
        Dear Mrs. O'Grady, I don't find in all polish and german POW camps list name E211. Much E-camps is not identification yet. Only one trace I found name TRIEBITZ (now on territory of Czech Republik -... more
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