Malcollm Tebbutt
Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:06 (XFF:

E22 or E211 are not Prisoner of War camps. They are working parties of prisoners sent out from the camps. Often the prisoners stayed in Village Halls and worked in the forest, on river maintenance or stayed in mines where they worked. Others worked in sugar factories or worked on harvesting crops.

If you are researching in your local area, this is the sort of thing you should be looking for.

  • camp E22Artur Rozynski, Sat Sep 27 14:20
    Dear Mr. Bowley, Thank you for your answer. It's a very important for me get full data when your father was prisoner of E22 camp. Till now I haven't any confirm of exist this camp in Gleiwitz... more
    • E22 — Malcollm Tebbutt, Sun Sep 28 11:06
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