Did your father know Douglas Swift?
Sat Jan 17, 2009 18:22 (XFF:

Douglas Swift was at the Herman Goering coal mine and wrote a book about his experience called:


for details see my earlier postings on the book.

Sadly, he died last year but his book is very vivid (but only 82pp) and mentions by name many of his fellow POW.

The Herman Goering mine is now a museum, see:

and I have suggested to the Director that thy include details of the use of British POW as labourers on their English web site.

Bill Forster

  • E22Ian Bowley, Thu Aug 21 10:32
    My father was forced to work in the Herman Goering coal mine which was five minutes walk from E22. He is still alive and his name is Ron Bowley. What was your uncle's name?
    • Did your father know Douglas Swift? — Bill Forster, Sat Jan 17 18:22
      • Douglas SwiftIan Bowley, Fri Jan 23 11:44
        Hi Bill, I checked with my dad and he does not remember the name, but I have ordered a copy of the book for him. Thanks for the link to the Guido coal mine - is this definitely the mine located at... more
        • Guido Coal Mine Museum & Herman GoeringBill Forster, Fri Jan 23 12:05
          I have e-mailed BOTH the Director AND the perrson responsible for PR / advertising asking for confirmation that it is the former Herman Goering coal mine. I also suggested that they put something on... more
    • E22 campArtur Rozynski, Fri Sep 26 10:30
      Dear Mr. Bowley I live in Gliwice Sosnica from 35 years. In war time this part of city Gliwice called Gleiwitz-Oehringen. War prisoners worked in local coal mine "Oehringen Bergbau A.G. Schachtanlage ... more
      • E22 campIan Bowley, Fri Jan 23 12:02
        Hello Artur, Thank you for the information. I am bringing my father to Gliwice-Sosnica in May to visit the site of the camp. Do you know if we will be allowed to visit or is the grassland still part... more
        • to Ian BowleyArtur Rozynski, Sat Jan 24 15:14
          Dear Mr. Bowley, I will prepare for you scan of old Sosnitza map (end of 30's year) with description and mark where was coal mine and barracks of camp. For comparison I will send current map of... more
          • SosnitzaIan Bowley, Sat Jan 24 17:07
            Dear Artur, Thank you very much for your assistance. My e-mail address is ianbowley@btinternet.com. I have booked a guide to show my father and I round Auschwitz on the morning of Saturday 23rd May,... more
      • E22 campIan Bowley, Fri Sep 26 11:04
        Dear Mr Rozynski, Thank you for the information. My father has never mentioned any souvenirs but I will ask him and get back to you if he has anything. Regards, Ian
        • camp E22Artur Rozynski, Sat Sep 27 14:20
          Dear Mr. Bowley, Thank you for your answer. It's a very important for me get full data when your father was prisoner of E22 camp. Till now I haven't any confirm of exist this camp in Gleiwitz... more
          • E22Malcollm Tebbutt, Sun Sep 28 11:06
            E22 or E211 are not Prisoner of War camps. They are working parties of prisoners sent out from the camps. Often the prisoners stayed in Village Halls and worked in the forest, on river maintenance or ... more
    • E22Barbara O'Grady, Thu Aug 21 14:34
      My Uncle was a New Zealander his name was Albert Wolfendale probaly known as Bert. He was caught in Crete. In a postcard he sent my parents he hints that he is doing the same job as my Father who at... more
      • E22Ian Bowley, Mon Jun 1 10:02
        Hi Barbara, My father was in E22 along with about 300 men, mainly British. He remembers there being a couple of New Zealanders but not their names. Last week my son and I took him back to Sosnica... more
        • Thank you IanBarbara O'Grady, Sun Jun 7 18:34
          How nice to get some news, I made a mistake I dont think my Uncle was in E22 the postcards I have were in 1941 and he was in E211 and working on a railway which I have been unable to find anything... more
    • E22Ian Bowley, Thu Aug 21 10:36
      Forgot to mention that as far as I know this camp was located in or near the town of Gliwice in Poland, which is to the south of Lamsdorf (Lambinowice) and about 50 miles west of Katowice. If anyone... more
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