Ian Bowley
Douglas Swift
Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:44 (XFF:

Hi Bill,

I checked with my dad and he does not remember the name, but I have ordered a copy of the book for him. Thanks for the link to the Guido coal mine - is this definitely the mine located at Gliwice-Sosnica, as I would like to take my dad there in May if so? I was told that they were all called Herman Goering coal mines as he owned them.

Many thanks, Ian Bowley

  • Did your father know Douglas Swift?Bill Forster, Sat Jan 17 18:22
    Douglas Swift was at the Herman Goering coal mine and wrote a book about his experience called: SLOW MARCH THROUGH HELL for details see my earlier postings on the book. Sadly, he died last year but... more
    • Douglas Swift — Ian Bowley, Fri Jan 23 11:44
      • Guido Coal Mine Museum & Herman GoeringBill Forster, Fri Jan 23 12:05
        I have e-mailed BOTH the Director AND the perrson responsible for PR / advertising asking for confirmation that it is the former Herman Goering coal mine. I also suggested that they put something on... more
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