Guido Coal Mine Museum & Herman Goering
Fri Jan 23, 2009 12:05 (XFF:

I have e-mailed BOTH the Director AND the perrson responsible for PR / advertising asking for confirmation that it is the former Herman Goering coal mine. I also suggested that they put something on their HISTORY web page about the use of British POW in WW2 as surface labourers. And sent them details of the book by Douglas Swift.

Kamil Nowak, a young lawyer at Klimontow, who has helped me with my research and posts on this Forum has offered to phone them if I do not receive a reply within a week. Kamil lives in the area and has a great web site about Klimontow including its wartime use as Stalag VIIIB Teschen E702 where my uncle was a POW until the beginning of the march west.


I shall keep you "posted".


  • Douglas SwiftIan Bowley, Fri Jan 23 11:44
    Hi Bill, I checked with my dad and he does not remember the name, but I have ordered a copy of the book for him. Thanks for the link to the Guido coal mine - is this definitely the mine located at... more
    • Guido Coal Mine Museum & Herman Goering — Bill Forster, Fri Jan 23 12:05
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