Ian Bowley
Sat Jan 24, 2009 17:07 (XFF:

Dear Artur,
Thank you very much for your assistance. My e-mail address is ianbowley@btinternet.com.
I have booked a guide to show my father and I round Auschwitz on the morning of Saturday 23rd May, so we will probably visit the mine in the afternoon. Do you think I will need to ask for permission from the mine owners? If so, an address or e-mail address would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes, Ian Bowley

  • to Ian BowleyArtur Rozynski, Sat Jan 24 15:14
    Dear Mr. Bowley, I will prepare for you scan of old Sosnitza map (end of 30's year) with description and mark where was coal mine and barracks of camp. For comparison I will send current map of... more
    • Sosnitza — Ian Bowley, Sat Jan 24 17:07
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