Mon Jun 1, 2009 10:02

Hi Barbara,
My father was in E22 along with about 300 men, mainly British. He remembers there being a couple of New Zealanders but not their names.
Last week my son and I took him back to Sosnica and, with the help of Artur Rozunski from this site) found the bath house (now a furniture warehouse) that the prisoners used every day after a 12-hour shift down the mine. Dad was able to confirm that a camp that Artur thought might be E22 was probably a Russian camp (R144). We believe that the site of E22 is probably a clearing in a forest (visible in Google Earth) to the south east of the bath house, which was a 10-minute walk away. The mine is no longer there.
The camp was evacuated on 23rd January 1945 and as far as I can tell the prisoners were marched to Moosburg via Brno, arriving towards the end of May.
If I can help further please send me an e-mail.
Regards, Ian Bowley

  • E22Barbara O'Grady, Thu Aug 21 14:34
    My Uncle was a New Zealander his name was Albert Wolfendale probaly known as Bert. He was caught in Crete. In a postcard he sent my parents he hints that he is doing the same job as my Father who at... more
    • E22 — Ian Bowley, Mon Jun 1 10:02
      • Thank you IanBarbara O'Grady, Sun Jun 7 18:34
        How nice to get some news, I made a mistake I dont think my Uncle was in E22 the postcards I have were in 1941 and he was in E211 and working on a railway which I have been unable to find anything... more
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