Thank you Ian
Sun Jun 7, 2009 18:34

How nice to get some news, I made a mistake I dont think my Uncle was in E22 the postcards I have were in 1941 and he was in E211 and working on a railway which I have been unable to find anything .Taking you Father back must have been very moving for all of you.
Sadly after all this time I doubt I will ever find anything, but all these stories I have read on this site have made me more aware of the hardships all the POW went through and everything he told me as a young girl I am now 69 years old I know were the truth and a lot more sadly he never recovered many reasons and the loss of his Mother who died before he returned he was never told of her death until he returned home took there toll.
He told me of a girl who gave him food and that that had saved him she did it secretly by throwing it to him , he also told me he escaped but was caught. I will sadly never know but Thank You

  • E22Ian Bowley, Mon Jun 1 10:02
    Hi Barbara, My father was in E22 along with about 300 men, mainly British. He remembers there being a couple of New Zealanders but not their names. Last week my son and I took him back to Sosnica... more
    • Thank you Ian — Barbara O'Grady, Sun Jun 7 18:34
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