Gliewitz e22
Tue Jan 5, 2010 10:25

My dad was captured at Dunkirk and spent most of the war in E22. He did mention a couple of New Zealanders but could not remember their names. Sadly he died in September aged 88, but last May we visited the site of E22, which is actually in Sosnica. I am hoping to write up his experiences when I get time, so if you want to let me have an e-mail address I could send you some information (though not immediately as I work away from home). For example, I know where the camp and the bath house were, and that the camp was evacuated on 23 January 1945 when the Russian guns could be heard in the distance. Dad was on the Death March for 3 months and weighed 7 stones when liberated by Patton's tanks. Hope this helps.

  • Gliewitz e22Aaron Cleavin, Tue Jan 5 01:45
    My Grandfather Alastair Dunbar (From NZ) was the Corpsman for the E22 Working party out of Gleiwitz. He was caputred as part of the rearguard of the Crete Evacuation. If you have any more information ... more
    • Gliewitz e22 — Ian Bowley, Tue Jan 5 10:25
      • E22Aaron cleavin, Tue Jan 5 10:41
        My grandfather dies ibn the early 60's before I was born Thomas Alastair Dunbar I have his day book of E22 from 24 August 1944 till 24th May 1945. He was put in charge of the Red Cross and clothing... more
        • E22Ian Bowley, Tue Jan 5 13:08
          Aaron, That would be fantastic. We have been trying to work out where the E22 inmates went - we believe they followed the southern route (there were three, apparently) and I know they passed through... more
          • Re: E22ken richardson, Sat Jan 9 09:59
            hello Ian. what your dad said ? our locoal news paper reported my dads return home in it he said the food was barely enough to keep body and soul together consisting of black bread a few spuds and... more
            • E22Ian Bowley, Sat Jan 9 10:36
              Hi Ken, I get the impression that there were lots of marches, starting as the camps (such as E22) were evacuated and following three basic routes, of which my Dad's was the Southern one. At the... more
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