Ian Bowley
Sat Jan 9, 2010 10:36

Hi Ken,

I get the impression that there were lots of marches, starting as the camps (such as E22) were evacuated and following three basic routes, of which my Dad's was the Southern one. At the moment I only have sketchy details but if I get more I will let you have it. I believe that the destination was Moosburg in Germany and I know that my Dad's 'Death March' was strafed by allied jets at one point.

Regards, Ian

  • Re: E22ken richardson, Sat Jan 9 09:59
    hello Ian. what your dad said ? our locoal news paper reported my dads return home in it he said the food was barely enough to keep body and soul together consisting of black bread a few spuds and... more
    • E22 — Ian Bowley, Sat Jan 9 10:36
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