Re: POW Accounts, Objects, Information
Tue Aug 12, 2014 16:30

Hello Stacey

cant seem to access email from this my email is - I would be interested if you pick up any info on Stalag 344 and specifically work camps Bab21 and E3 - I do have plans of bab21 and E3 which were in a file at Kew - a good place to look

  • POW Accounts, Objects, InformationStacey Astill, Mon Aug 11 07:32
    Hi all, I am a PhD researcher from Liverpool University who is looking into the material culture (objects, layout etcetera) of POW camps in Europe during the Second World War. I wondered if anyone... more
    • our post 2014 on listrob chas Anderson, Mon Apr 27 10:05
      There is a map of Stalag 344 on the website. There are holding a POW day with expert in Oct in UK...Good luck et grace. Email me for more ashard to do here...sorry for delay bye Rob chas A
      • POW ExpertStacey Astill, Mon Apr 27 11:47
        Hi Rob, Thank you for your reply. The day with the expert that you have mentioned sounds fascinating. Could you possibly provide some more information? Is this available for members of the public to... more
    • Killer McCappin Alfie bhoy , Thu Aug 28 23:25
      Hi all Does anyone have anything on Harry 'Killer ' McCappin this is my grandfather who passed away 30 years ago , trying to find out as much as I can about him . He was a POW in Stalag V111B from... more
    • Re: POW Accounts, Objects, Information — Anonymous, Tue Aug 12 16:30
      • POW escapesBarrie Cosford, Sun Sep 23 09:00
        Were there any escapes by POWs from Lamsdorf. my father John (Jack) William Cosford, Green Howards Regt. His Army No 4393875 POW No 35275 Stalag 344 was captured at Tubruck N.Africa.(He played the... more
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