Thomas Atkins
Death march from Cosel 21/1/45
Sun Oct 19, 2014 09:49

Hi Ian
I am just planning at present, what exactly I will do, as I will be traveling with family. Starting in Italy and then making our way to southern Poland, Wroclaw and Opole, with day trips to Cosel, Lamsdorf etc. where we have visited briefly before. We will be there towards mid May.

  • Death Marchianbowley, Sat Oct 18 10:25
    Hi Thomas, I have been planning to do exactly the same to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day next year. My dad will have taken a completely different route but I would be interested to know how you... more
    • Death march from Cosel 21/1/45 — Thomas Atkins, Sun Oct 19 09:49
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