My Dad's War Log
Wed Jan 7, 2015 16:56

Hi all! It's been quite a while since I have posted on this site. My nephew has managed to copy my Dad's War Log into a PDF file. I am posting the link here. Hope it works.

You can enlarge the pagers in the file to be able to read the signatures. There are some blank pages but just keep going. There a lot of Canadian signatures but also some U.S., New Zealand, Australian and some others.

    • More Informationstacey.astill, Sat Jan 10 21:51
      Hi Randi, I've been reading through Joseph's War Log to help with the PhD researching I'm doing, and wondered if you could give me any more information about his nationality and how he came to have... more
      • Hi StaceyRandi Shelson, Sat Jan 10 21:59
        Hi there! So glad I could finally post this War log. My Dad was with the Canadian Regiment of Canada and was captured at Dieppe. He kept this log and had other prisoners provide artwork and he... more
        • Re: Hi Staceystacey.astill, Sat Jan 10 23:13
          Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, that's really interesting to hear. I'd found evidence for most things, but not the pool, so that fits well! I'll have to let the owner of the... more
    • My Dad's War LogGlenda Guy, Sat Jan 10 09:54
      Hello Randi, what a wonderful family heirloom you have!! How my family and I wish our father had managed to bring his home with him - he was there at the same time as your dad arriving in 1942 having ... more
      • how to enlarge the picRandi Shelson, Sat Jan 10 13:56
        Hi Glenda, You just warmed my heart!! I am so glad and I hope you find your Dad in the pic. When you roll your mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the screen a little menu will appear. Click... more
        • how to enlarge the picGlenda, Sun Jan 11 09:37
          Hello Randi, unfortunatey Dad is not there. He spent a lot of time in a working party in a paper factory. Never mind - I never give up hope that one day he will appear!! Many thanks for your post and ... more
    • Joe (Joseph) Moscoe (Moskowitz) Bill Forster, Thu Jan 8 12:01
      A wonderful document, Randi. And your nephew is to be congratulated on his work to make it more widely available. But please tell us in outline your father's story so thst we can relate his war log... more
    • Randi Shelson's Dad's war logPauline, Thu Jan 8 06:05
      Thank you so very much, Randi, for sharing your Dad's war log from the p.o.w camp of Stalag V111B. It was unbelievable to see my dad's handwriting on one of the pages. I was also impressed by all the ... more
      • Dad's war logRandi Shelson, Thu Jan 8 13:32
        You are so very welcome Pauline!! Only wish I had been able to do it sooner. I wish I could find the family of the artists but most of the pics are just signed with initials and one with E. Young. A... more
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