Randi Shelson
Dad's war log
Thu Jan 8, 2015 13:32

You are so very welcome Pauline!! Only wish I had been able to do it sooner. I wish I could find the family of the artists but most of the pics are just signed with initials and one with E. Young.
A lot of the photos were propaganda by the Germans to make it look like a 'summer camp'. The pic of the prisoners in the 'swimming pool' was just for the photo. Actually, I was told that they were not allowed to go in that pool and got shot if they did.

  • Randi Shelson's Dad's war logPauline, Thu Jan 8 06:05
    Thank you so very much, Randi, for sharing your Dad's war log from the p.o.w camp of Stalag V111B. It was unbelievable to see my dad's handwriting on one of the pages. I was also impressed by all the ... more
    • Dad's war log — Randi Shelson, Thu Jan 8 13:32
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