Randi Shelson
Hi Stacey
Sat Jan 10, 2015 21:59

Hi there! So glad I could finally post this War log. My Dad was with the Canadian Regiment of Canada and was captured at Dieppe. He kept this log and had other prisoners provide artwork and he included photos. My Dad spoke many languages and was a translator in the hospital in the camp. Everything in any prisoners book or diary was checked by the Germans as you can see a stamp on every page. A lot of the pics were propaganda to make it look like the prisoners were treated well. For example, the pic of the 'swimming' pool with prisoners 'enjoying a cool swim'. I was told that they were not allowed in that pool and were shot if caught in it.

  • More Informationstacey.astill, Sat Jan 10 21:51
    Hi Randi, I've been reading through Joseph's War Log to help with the PhD researching I'm doing, and wondered if you could give me any more information about his nationality and how he came to have... more
    • Hi Stacey — Randi Shelson, Sat Jan 10 21:59
      • Re: Hi Staceystacey.astill, Sat Jan 10 23:13
        Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, that's really interesting to hear. I'd found evidence for most things, but not the pool, so that fits well! I'll have to let the owner of the... more
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