June Patterson
Geneva Records
Tue Apr 21, 2015 00:07

I wrote to the Red Cross a few months ago... for my Dads war records...
I got a letter back informing me that they are not taking requests for a year or two, as they are compliing all their old records to be cataloged and updated to be put into a computer system...

  • ICRC Geneva recordsPauline Braaksma, Sat Apr 18 07:59
    I sent away for my dad's records also and it did take a long time to get a reply . But the information I received was rather limited . It was more or less everything I knew already . What I was... more
    • Geneva Records — June Patterson, Tue Apr 21 00:07
      • pow recordsmaurice, Tue Apr 21 20:16
        Hi i would write to vets agency in lancashire
        • War recordsJune Patterson , Tue Apr 21 23:38
          thanks for the info..My Dad was in the South African Army..Armoured Tank Division... don't know if that Agency would have info on him...He was captured 21 June 1942 at Tobruck...
          • powmaurice pritchard, Wed Apr 22 18:18
            Hi june write to vets agency with all info you have.... there is another place that may help i think its called forces records..
            • my Dad..Sidney DexterJune patterson, Thu Apr 23 23:41
              Hi Maurice.. do you perhaps know where are they located at? is it in South Africa..? I haven't had much luck with finding resources there... A friend is trying to help me who lives there..so far..I... more
              • south africa recordsmaurice pritchard, Fri Apr 24 19:08
                Hi june this is the address you need to write too VETERANS AGENCY NORCROSS BLACKPOOL LANCASHIRE ENGLAND FYP 3WP please let me know how you get on regards maurice
                • WW2 RecordsJune Patterson, Sat Apr 25 15:38
                  Thank You so much Maurice...... I have written off to the Veterans Agency and will let you know when I hear from them.... Kind regards...June
              • my Dad..Sidney DexterHelen Walker, Fri Apr 24 05:11
                Hi, I would appreciate the address as well. Postal,electronic or both. thanks Helen
                • ADDRESSmaurice pritchard, Sat Apr 25 17:56
                  • ADDRESSHelen Walker, Sun Apr 26 00:03
                    Thank you very much Maurice, I will contact them cheers Helen
    • pow recordsmaurice pritchard, Sun Apr 19 17:36
      i did send away to geneva in 2003 i had to wait for 2 months and they sent me some good information but has i said in previous e mail i found the vets agency better because they supplied copy of pow... more
      • pow recordsPauline , Sun Apr 19 23:35
        Maurice, would I be able to get my dad's records plus photo from the vets agency in Gr. Britain even though my father was a Canadian in a Canadian army ?
        • pow recordsmaurice pritchard, Mon Apr 20 17:58
          pauline i should have thought so just write a letter explaining the situation they are very good if they cant help they will advise you where to get information from please let me know how you get on ... more
          • pow recordsPauline , Wed Apr 22 00:41
            Thanks, Maurice.
    • pow recordsmaurice pritchard, Sun Apr 19 17:27
      Hi pauline i wrote to the veterans agency at norcross blackpool lancashire FY5 3WP they supplied me with photo and copies of pow records copies of course i was very pleased regards maurice pritchard
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