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pow records
Tue Apr 21, 2015 20:16

Hi i would write to vets agency in lancashire

  • Geneva RecordsJune Patterson, Tue Apr 21 00:07
    I wrote to the Red Cross a few months ago... for my Dads war records... I got a letter back informing me that they are not taking requests for a year or two, as they are compliing all their old... more
    • pow records — maurice, Tue Apr 21 20:16
      • War recordsJune Patterson , Tue Apr 21 23:38
        thanks for the info..My Dad was in the South African Army..Armoured Tank Division... don't know if that Agency would have info on him...He was captured 21 June 1942 at Tobruck...
        • powmaurice pritchard, Wed Apr 22 18:18
          Hi june write to vets agency with all info you have.... there is another place that may help i think its called forces records..
          • my Dad..Sidney DexterJune patterson, Thu Apr 23 23:41
            Hi Maurice.. do you perhaps know where are they located at? is it in South Africa..? I haven't had much luck with finding resources there... A friend is trying to help me who lives far..I... more
            • south africa recordsmaurice pritchard, Fri Apr 24 19:08
              Hi june this is the address you need to write too VETERANS AGENCY NORCROSS BLACKPOOL LANCASHIRE ENGLAND FYP 3WP please let me know how you get on regards maurice
              • WW2 RecordsJune Patterson, Sat Apr 25 15:38
                Thank You so much Maurice...... I have written off to the Veterans Agency and will let you know when I hear from them.... Kind regards...June
            • my Dad..Sidney DexterHelen Walker, Fri Apr 24 05:11
              Hi, I would appreciate the address as well. Postal,electronic or both. thanks Helen
              • ADDRESSmaurice pritchard, Sat Apr 25 17:56
                • ADDRESSHelen Walker, Sun Apr 26 00:03
                  Thank you very much Maurice, I will contact them cheers Helen
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