Christine Parry
end of the long march
Thu Apr 23, 2015 22:15

My father, George Hawkins, met the Americans on the 24th April, but he did not know where he was. He was taken to an airfield with tents all round a field, he spent two nights in a tent. Marlene Dietrich was handing out doughnuts at the aerodome, the queue for her was longer than for another girl! He then flew to Brussels and after four days went by train to Ostend, he arrived in the UK by boat via Tilbury and then on to Amersham, eventually arriving at his home on May 3rd.
Does anyone have a relative with a similar end to their march? If your relative met the Americans on the 24th, do you know where they were and which airfield they flew out from?

    • Yanks saverob chas Anderson, Sat Apr 25 11:58
      Hi it's Anzac day here in Australia. My father left stalag 13 after 8b. He was saved in April says Canada war notes by Yanks yes after march. Red crosscorcothers may know morem
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