Ralph McDermottr
Canadian POW.s
Tue Apr 28, 2015 14:39

National Prisoner of War Association 1971 and 1972
Canadian Prisoners of war names.
William Barnes George Beer Fred Belanger Douglas Bennett Allan Blackport Albert Brown John Brick
Clifford Chappell Edward Chase Aron Coates Norman Colley Whitney Coulter Vern Curtis H. C. Chadderton William Cassidy
Louis DesRosiers Edward Duplessie Al Duxter Russell Dube Douglas A. Dunn Roy Dickie
Edwad Farley George Flatt Jack Fleming
Edward Glines Wad Grenville Thomas Green H. Gulliver
George Hawkins Alexander Higgins Charles Hosking Harvey Hyatt Keith Heaton
Dick Jarvis George Jarvis Fred K. Jasperson William Johnston Edward Julians R. R. Labatt
Eison Kemp Jack Kent Harold Knight
Gene LaBonte Gordon LaBute Howard Lansing Jack Lescome Howard Large Edas Lauzon Jack Leopold Joseph Lifin Frank Lofthouse Alfred Lynd
Thomas McDermott Glen Milward John McWilliams Glen Maguire Milton Malott Harry Manchester John Martin James Milward James Murphy Edward J. Musgrove Mac Moloy
Jack Napier
Robert Pedley K.W. Percy Jack Poolton George Pelletier
Alfred Rathburn R. Richards Ward Roach William Russell George Rennie Ward Roach
Douglas Scratch Elmer Scratch Mac Settungton Jack Shields Fred Smith Irving Snyder Victor Sparrow Connie Stapleton Carson Stevens
A.A. Taylor
Frank Walton William Wynveen Ted Welton

    • PelletierKen, Wed Jul 15 15:31
      Just finished reading "Destined to Survive" by Jack Poolton. He states: "George Pelletier apparently disappeared from the face of the earth. The last time I saw him at Stalag VIIIB he was going out... more
      • PelletierJayne Poolton-Turvey, Thu Jul 16 15:18
        Hi Ken, I am the co-author of Destined To Survive. When we wrote the book, Dad said he never found out what had happened to his great friend Pelletier. Back in those days, Veteran's Affairs would not ... more
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