Sun Sep 13, 2015 18:57

The men who were repatriated were escorted by other POWs who were allowed to accompany them some of these were medical orderlies from the Royal Army Medical Corps. One of these escorts in 1943 was Sidney De Haan RAMC, also from Lamsdorf, who later went on to found Saga Holidays, which became a very big and successful Holidays and Financial group in UK and made him a millionaire.

A researcher who is working on a documentary for the BBC in UK about Sidney De Haan is trying to find anybody who knows more about Sidney's time as a POW. The only information I have is that 'Lance Corporal S. De Haan RAMC beat Gunner T. Robinson RA in the August Monday (1943) boxing tournament, the fighting being stopped in the middle of the sixth round.'

  • Repatriation Pauline , Sun Sep 13 18:24
    My dad was repatriated from Stalag VlllB in October 1943 . He was sent by train to the northern coast of Germany [ I imagine] then by boat to Sweden and then landing in Liverpool on October 25, 1943. ... more
    • repatriation — Philip Baker, Sun Sep 13 18:57
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