Bruce Rutherford
My father: Lloyd Bruce Rutherford, RHLI
Wed Nov 25, 2015 19:53

I'm hoping someone might be able to help with ideas or information:

My father, Lloyd Bruce Rutherford (Canadian RHLI) was captured at Dieppe in August 1942 and was a prisoner at Stalag VIIIB until January 1944 when (I believe) he was transferred to Stalag IID.

During his time at the camp my father kept a wartime log. In 2006 Dad's P.O.W Log Book came up for auction at a London auction house specialising in coins, tokens, medals, militaria and paper money. Unfortunately I only found out about it in 2012. The auction catalogue description read: "A scarce Second World War P.O.W’s “Wartime Log” (as gifted by the Y.M.C.A.) appertaining to Corporal L. B. Rutherford, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, who was captured in the famous Dieppe raid in August 1942, comprising a most interesting record with numerous cartoon drawings, poems and inserts, the latter including several camp photographs, the reverses stamped “Stalag IID”, usual pale blue covers, spine lacking, several old photographs sometime removed but contents otherwise good.".

As soon as I found out about the log book I contacted the auction house (DNW) requesting they pass on (to the winning bidder) a letter from me explaining who I was, what the item meant to me and asking if he/she would consider selling me the log book (or possibly allow me to photograph the pages). The auction house seemed pleased to help and forwarded my letter. Unfortunately they did not receive but kindly forwarded another letter and latter an email to the buyer. Unfortunately still no reply.

My brother Brian produced a video about Dad's wartime logbook that can be seen on Youtube:

Articles about the logbook also appeared in the Hamilton Spectator newspaper and the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Pensioners Website.

So.....PLEASE.....Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might continue the search for my Dad's wartime logbook?

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