Pawel Hur
Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:01

Sue, I1ve just found out that your Grandfather was the member of the crew together with my Grandfather`s brother Jakub Ciolek. Paul was lucky to survive their last flight. I wonder whether he shared any memories of their last flight? Jakub was a navigator. His life story is very important to my brother. I`d really appreciate it if you could share anything about his memories of the time spent on board.

  • Pawel Hur (Paul)Sue Watson, Mon Jan 1 20:31
    My Grandfather Paul Hur was a Polish Pilot who was shot down and captured in August 1942 he spent quite a while at Stalag VIIIb. He was quite an artist. He told me once of the time that the men in... more
    • Pawel Hur — Meg, Mon Mar 28 10:01
    • brandingMel Laytner, Wed Jan 3 14:20
      Sue -- Not sure what you mean by "branding", but the Germans tattooed prisoner identification numbers at the Auschwtiz concentration camp and its many, many subcamps. POWs from VIII-B subcamps worked ... more
    • wirelessMel Laytner, Wed Jan 3 00:42
      Sue -- Was your grandfather in the main VIII-B camp or was he possibly sent to one of the sub-camps, as part of one of the work kommandos? I heard a story of how prisoners in the sub-camp E/3... more
      • WirelessSuw Watson, Sat Jan 6 15:28
        Yes he was in the main camp - he is pictured on the far left of the picture at the man with the moustache. His name was Paul (Pawel) Hur he was with RAF 301 ... more
        • Illegal crystal set in use.Richard Fusniak, Sat Feb 17 11:23
          See here: Illegal crystal set in use I understand Paul Hur is now deceased. My father Joseph Fusniak would like to know when. Regards, Richard Fusniak Moderator
          • Paul HurSue Watson, Mon Feb 19 17:04
            Paul Hur died September 1994 in Lincoln. He leaves a widow Elsie Hur who is now 89 years of age. She still lives in Lincoln.
      • radios in the campJayne Turvey, Thu Jan 4 23:09
        Hi Mel According to the book that my father wrote (and I helped him with) there were several radios that made their way into the main camp. He talks about being able to hear the BBC news on a radio... more
        • Crystal sets in campdave porter, Tue Feb 20 22:17
          hi i'm emailing from auckland New Zealand my uncle Edgar (Ed) Allison was captured on Crete.He made one of the crystal sets used at viii b and was nearly shoot by the SS for doing so his last camp... more
        • Re: radios in the campAnonymous, Tue Feb 20 22:16
          hi i'm emailing from auckland New Zealand my uncle Edgar (Ed) Allison was captured on Crete.He made one of the crystal sets used at viii b and was nearly shoot by the SS for doing so his last camp... more
          • E 535 and Crystal Radio setsross mccowan, Tue Apr 4 01:34
            Hi, I stumbled across Dave Porter's email about his Uncle Edgar Allison who made a crystal set at POW camp E535. My father went to school with Ed , I thought he was known as Eb, and I met Ed when my... more
        • Radios at Stalag V111BPauline, Fri Jan 5 07:29
          In the book "In Enemy Hands" by Daniel G. Dancocks about Canadian Prisoners of War 1939-45, there is a photo of one of the illegal radios at Stalag V111B which appears to be very small . There are... more
      • BlechammerTom Jeffers, Wed Jan 3 23:10
        Just read the flurry of responses to Sues request, I can remember my dad (John Jeffers known as Jack or Jeff 13331 caught at Dunkirk) talking about the Polish prisoners and Russians and the way they... more
        • Blechammer MuseumPhilip Baker, Fri Jan 5 09:28
          In September our group visited the little, private POW museum at Blechammer run by Waldemar Ociepski. It's certainly worth a visit if you are going that way. We hope to visit it again later this year.
          • visiting blechammerpauline ellis, Wed May 23 00:13
            Dear philip My husband and I are going to krackow 5th sept 2007 for 6 nights and wish to find the museum and other places of interest concerning the stalag 21B. Has anyone done the trip on their own? ... more
            • visiting blechhammerMel Laytner, Wed May 23 15:15
              Pauline -- I visited Blechhammer about two weeks ago. Blechhammer is about two hours from Krakow by car. In Krakow, I would try to stay at a hotel comfortable walking distance from the old city... more
              • Blechhammer jew campJacques, Sun Jun 17 00:18
                Dear sir, I am preparing Web pages relating to the Auschwitz Jew sub-camp of Blechhammer you visited. Many traces of fences and miradors remains there. I have a precise map this camp, in fact two... more
                • Jacque -- blechhammer sub-campMel Laytner, Thu Jun 26 04:22
                  Jacques -- About a year ago, June 2007, you wrote that you were preparing web page and had a precise map of two camps, one for French resistance fighters and the other, the Jewish forced labor camp.... more
                • Blechhammer CampsMel Laytner, Sun Jun 17 14:55
                  Jacques -- I recently visited Blechhammer and the small museum nearby. I am aware of several British POW camps just outside the Blechhammer North refinery area near the Jewish camp, but I never heard ... more
            • Visiting BelchammerPhilip Baker, Wed May 23 09:34
              The museum at Blechammer is quite good but not very big - we stayed there about 45 minutes. The person to contact about visiting the museum is Szymon Serwatka (Waldemar, the owner, doesn't speak... more
        • blechhammerMel Laytner, Thu Jan 4 00:26
          Tom -- I've been researching Blechhammer for the last year or so, but mostly about what took place at the factory sites and the concentration camp. The sub-camp from VIIIb was E/3. Of course, I've... more
    • branding pow numbersJayne Turvey, Tue Jan 2 23:22
      Hi Sue I wrote a book with my dad about his life during the war and in Stalag VIIIB. He was captured at Dieppe, August 1942. I know he had a POW identity disc (which I still have) with his number. I... more
      • DieppeSimon Lawden, Thu Feb 1 22:24
        Hello Jayne Coincidentally, my old man (Dennis Lawden, Royal Marine Commando) was also captured at the raid on Dieppe, something which rankled with him for a long time. As you may know, this was... more
        • Great UncleClayton Imeson, Tue Jun 24 18:57
          I am compiling info on my great Uncle Wallace Tousignant. He was a member of the Essex Scottish from Canada and was wounded at Dieppe and taken prisoner. I am not sure which camp he was taken to but... more
          • essex scottishJayne, Wed Jun 25 22:20
            Hello Clayton My father was in the Royal Regiment of Canada and was captured at Dieppe. I am pretty sure that the Essex Scottish were in the camp, but it all depends on how wounded he was. The... more
            • Great Uncleclayton Imeson, Thu Jun 26 00:44
              Thanks Jayne. My aunt was telling me that he received shrapnel in the leg and his buddies helped him along and he apparently was loaded on the trains with everyone else and his leg was not tended to... more
      • Re: branding pow numbersJAck G, Wed Jan 3 22:31
        I have been a POW in STalag VIIIB, I have never heard of any British POW beeing "branded" the Russians POWs were inhumanly treated.The Germans didn't bother to "brand" them . THey worked and starved... more
      • Thank yousue Watson, Wed Jan 3 00:34
        Thank you Jayne for a speedy response. Interesting that you and your father wrote a book. Did you get it published? I would like to read it. I too am considering putting a book together. I have just... more
        • P.O.W. booksPauline, Wed Jan 3 21:26
          Sue,please go ahead and put a book together of your grandfathers letters and drawings etc. My family and I read the Book "Destined to Survive" by Jack A.Poolton and daughter Jayne. We found it very... more
          • POW bookMichael Tattersall, Mon Jan 8 21:03
            Another interesting book is: POW Allied Prisoners in Europe, 1939-1945. By Adrian Gilbert (John Murray Publishing). It covers the POW experience from capture to release.
        • Sue's bookJayne Turvey, Wed Jan 3 21:04
          Hi Sue Yes we did get it published. The book is called Destined to Survive by Jack A. Poolton. We live in Canada. The book was published by Dundurn Press out of Toronto. It has sold alot of copies.... more
          • destiny to surviveJAck G, Tue Jan 30 20:07
            Where and how acn I buy the book "destiny to survive" and POW "allied prisoners in europr", and "Soujourn in Silesia " Kindly advise JAck
            • sojourn in silesiam.bailey, Wed Jan 31 11:04
              dear jack; i have a copy of this book signed by arthur evans. are you interested in army or air force pow,s ?. i live b.c.canada.regards m.bailey
              • BooksPauline, Wed Jan 31 23:54
                I ordered copies of "Destined to Survive " through Chapters book Store in B.C. They in turn sent away for it from the publisher. I read somewhere you could order "Sojurn in Silesia " from the... more
            • Destined to SurviveJayne, Wed Jan 31 04:06
              Depending on where you live, you can order through your local book store or online at Amazon or any of the big book store websites. It was published in Canada by Dundurn Press. The author is Jack A.... more
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