did working parties dig graves?
Fri May 20, 2016 17:17

Our uncle, Sgt. Michael Papadopoulos, B-24 tail gunner on the "Lindell crew" (828th squadron, 485th) was lost on 26-December, 1944, over Blechhammer. The plane received a direct flak hit and broke in 2 over the target, falling in two pieces at the southern edge of Blechhammer South. Stalag 344 reported the crash, but did not report the grave site(s). The main part of the plane exploded and burned on impact. There is no report of the tail end of the plane, but the German report describes only 3 deceased crew members by name, and they were the rear gunners. Is it possible that labor from BAB 20 (E794) or BAB 21 (E793) was forced to bury these boys? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Michael's surviving sister, Julia, age 88, is visiting the Blechhammer site in July 2016 and hopes to visit his gravesite.

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