E 535 and Crystal Radio sets
Tue Apr 4, 2017 01:34

Hi, I stumbled across Dave Porter's email about his Uncle Edgar Allison who made a crystal set at POW camp E535.
My father went to school with Ed , I thought he was known as Eb, and I met Ed when my father was dying in Auckland about 1995. They both met up at E535 when Eb was transferred there and my father asked him to make the radio set. They worked in a coal mine alongside Polish miners and they supplied the parts needed.
Eb told me that the German guards became suspicious when news bulletins posted contained news about D day before the Germans had heard. Eb was caught red handed and was put in solitary for about 2 weeks on low rations....my father and others smuggled extra food into him. My father and Eb stayed together and in January 1945 were able to feign illness and were left behind in the camp when the Germans marched everyone else out towards the west.
Those left behind then marched east and were picked up by russian fighting parties. There was some concern initially but then the russians brought out a large bottle of orange juice and vodka to toast their release.
Eb and my dad got to Krakow where they stayed for about 2 weeks and then were trained to Odessa on the black sea and thence by Hospital ship to Alexandria. A tale of survival. Incidentally E535 was only 40 odd km from Auschwitz.
Also Eb Allison and HW McCowan's names are inscribed on the POW memorial wall in the Waiouru War Museum.

Ross McCowan rjw.mccowan@gmail.com

  • Re: radios in the campAnonymous, Tue Feb 20 22:16
    hi i'm emailing from auckland New Zealand my uncle Edgar (Ed) Allison was captured on Crete.He made one of the crystal sets used at viii b and was nearly shoot by the SS for doing so his last camp... more
    • E 535 and Crystal Radio sets — ross mccowan, Tue Apr 4 01:34
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