Del Sveinsson
Softball- Stalag VlllB
Sat Apr 15, 2017 02:58

I have a postcard sent by my Uncle William Egill Sveinson who was a prisoner at Stalag VlllB. It is dated June 20, 1943. In it he writes- " We have a softball league here which is operating quite successfully. The opening day was yesterday. they had the band and pipes.the only thing out of place was the wire around the whole show. Canada played Scotland at first."
So it would appear that a softball league was commenced and the various teams represented their countries within the compound. You likely have a hand made pennant that was emblematic of that softball league. A nice piece of history.

  • Stalag VIII-B SOUVENIR Mike Delaney, Mon Dec 29 07:22
    G-Day I am a Collector of Insignia, However I have just come into possession of a Hand Made White Flag/Pennant, Which has crossed baseball bats plus a ball that says Softball Stalag VIII B & the... more
    • Softball- Stalag VlllB — Del Sveinsson, Sat Apr 15 02:58
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