Sat Sep 23, 2017 21:32


Blimey, I think I've only just see this post after 2 years! If you are still checking this, I would love to have any information that you have regarding E22 and the March.

I also have an idea to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the March in January 2020. I'm trying to find enough relatives of E22 prisoners to possibly re-enact the march over the same distance and same time period. If we have enough people to participate we could all do a few days stint each (maybe a couple of stints). The idea is to remember the 1000s of men who suffered/died/survived, create an awareness of a part of history that is regularly forgotten, and possibly even raise money for a charity such as the British Legion or Red Cross. What do you think?

Please feel free to contact me poolemelanie@hotmail.com if you are still checking this post.

  • POW E22Ian Bowley, Tue Aug 4 07:14
    Hi Mel, My dad was in E22 for over 4 years and I have quite a lot of information. My son and I took my dad to find the camp in 2009, not long before he died. Earlier this year we went back and... more
    • E22 — poolemelanie, Sat Sep 23 21:32
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