Barrie Cosford
POW escapes
Sun Sep 23, 2018 09:00

Were there any escapes by POWs from Lamsdorf. my father John (Jack) William Cosford, Green Howards Regt. His Army No 4393875 POW No 35275 Stalag 344 was captured at Tubruck N.Africa.(He played the trumpet often. He was then transported by ship to the port of BARI in Italy and then on to a POW camp. He related the following story to me many times. He worked in a Cement factory as a POW during his incarceration. At some time late in the war, He was put on a train for transfer to another POW work camp place. During the train journey the train was attacked by Czk Partisans and he was set free with other POWs. He then made his way back to England. He brought with him a German Iron Cross with a White Inlay and a German Luftwaffe Flying Jacket Grey in Colour with High Collar various zips and places which to attach a parachute etc, complete with various German Luftwaffe Badges, the jacket and other articles were taken from a German Officer on the train. Which I myself had for many years (approx. 35 yrs). Can you confirm as to the validity of this story. Son Barrie (Buzz) Cosford.

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    Hello Stacey cant seem to access email from this my email is - I would be interested if you pick up any info on Stalag 344 and specifically work camps Bab21 and E3 - I do have... more
    • POW escapes — Barrie Cosford, Sun Sep 23 09:00
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