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How About Some Archery?
Wed Apr 19, 2006 03:36 (XFF:

His mind in other places, Jield idly pushed his fringe away from his face and attempted to brush it behind his ear with no success. Giving up, he took a leather strip from his pocket and tied his long auburn hair up in a loose tail so that it would be out of his way and thus out of his mind in his day to come. It was never a good idea for a Gaidin to have hair interfering with a day’s training, especially when it came to what he would be doing today. Archery was a weapon that required accurate eyesight, and if one’s hair was constantly blowing across their eyes then it was difficult to do well at.

However, today wasn’t a day of training for Jield, but rather of training for other students – for the trainees of the Training Grounds. Jield always enjoyed teaching archery lessons to others, no matter what their skill; and there always was a variety of skills that attending the archery lesson, sometimes the students attending had never touched a bow or arrow before, and other times they had actually had quite a bit of practice. Jield was expecting that in his lesson today, and he had activities that could accommodate varying types of skills. He has also booked in the armory a wide variety of bows that could be used by those of varying skills; those that were better could use the stiffer bows that gave out more force but then again were harder to pull, while the looser bows were easier to pull back but would not give as much power when firing the arrow and so would require more strength to get the greater power.

Looking out the window, the Head Gaidin decided that it was a good time for him to now go and set up the lesson in preparation for the arrival of his students; they wouldn’t arrive for an hour yet but Jield wanted everything to be ready so that the lesson could go smoothly. Whenever he found a teacher for the many lessons that went on in the Training Grounds Jield encouraged them to have everything planned in advance, and so he had to make sure that he did something similar so as to not come across as a hypocrite.

Cleaning up his desk slightly, Jield pushed out from the desk and rose from his chair to collect his bow and arrow that were resting in the corner of his office with his other weapons. Archery was his chosen weapon in which he spent most of his time, and so he took the most pride in his bow and quiver of arrows. It was resting in an elegantly carved stand that curved in the same shape as the bow, and the quiver full of arrows also had a stand that rested just in front. Just last night he had polished all the wood in the set, the bow, the quiver and the arrows, and he had trimmed the goose fletchings on the back of the arrows so that they were neat and streamlined for the best possible results when firing. One day he hoped to become an Archery Master.

He shut his door to his office behind him and quickly began moving through the corridors that would lead him to the Archery Yard, where his lesson would be taking place. On his way to the yard, he happened to pass the Gaidin in Training lesson board, where his notice, among others, was pinned up announcing the lesson that would take place.

Tomorrow there will be an archery lesson taught at the Archery Yard two bells after midday. Aethan’Tar are not permitted to bring their own weapons, but any Sei’Tar coming may bring a bow and arrows if they have some. However, equipment will be provided if needed. Be prompt, we will not wait for you and tardiness with be frowned upon.

Jield Pilaweth Gaidin
Head Gaidin

Yes, everything from that seemed to be in order. Realizing that he would have to stop at the armory on the way to his lesson to collect the needed requirement, he turned down another corridor and ended up in a different part of the Training Grounds to what he had been intending. The armory had long since been open, it opened first thing in the morning, so a variety of weapons had been checked out and returned, but Jield’s bows, quivers and arrows were there waiting for him, set aside as reserved. A nod of thanks to the Sei’Tar on duty, Jield picked up his equipment and proceeded to the Archery Yards, where a few trainees were off on their own practicing. They didn’t bother him yet, and by the time he had set up the equipment, at noon, most of them had noticed and gone; those that hadn’t he asked to leave if they were not attending the lesson.

Two bells later and the class was gathered in front of him, it wasn’t a huge class but it was a class nonetheless.

“Right, you should all know me – I’m Jield Gaidin, the Head Gaidin. Today we’re here to learn Archery. I know most, if not all, of you, but I’ll still get you to introduce yourself with your name for the others in the class. However, I do not know your extend of experience with archery, so you’d best tell me that.”

OOC: Okay, GiT, it’s time for lessons! A few of you expressed interest in Archery, so I expect at least a few participants. Now, let’s say 300 words for this introductory post, it should be easy, and I guarantee to you that this lesson will be active. Part One will be up at latest in a week! E-mail me if you need to =)

    • Lesson Finished!Jeremy, Sun May 14 14:13
      Okay guys, you all did well. Credit goes to: -Riani, Aethan'Tar And extensions to: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Catharina, Aethan'Tar New lessons coming soon! ::Jeremy::
    • Part Three: GamesJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 9 04:10
      Jield began to walk up and down the archery yard yet again, slowly pacing back and forth as he watched each trainee fire arrows at the target as they had the day before. It was now a new day, and... more
      • End Game!Tain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 18 03:09
        The resonating twang of a bowstring split the silence of the yard. The sun was on its last legs and was slowly sinking behind the horizon. A soft pleasant breeze played across the young Aethan’Tar’s... more
      • TreacheryRiani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 12 12:24
        Riani looked around. Yes, she was well hidden. Even standing as tall as she was – which wasn’t all that tall, of course, but still – her head did not quite touch the lowest branch; there was still a... more
    • Part Two: Arrows!Jield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 2 22:55
      Despite Jield’s warnings, some of the trainees managed to slap the bowstring against their flesh somehow, some of them wearing the protection he’d given them and others, much more stupid and in much... more
      • Dead-EyeTain Aethan'Tar, Fri May 5 05:28
        Tain had distanced himself from the rest of the group, in order to practice. He was not one for crowds or idle chitchat and he had no interest in listening to others ramble on. He had set himself up... more
      • Sore Fingers, Tired ArmsRianii Aethan'Tar, Wed May 3 05:53
        When the Gaidin spoke again Riani was relieved. Surely, they would be allowed to leave now? She was not sure what caused her the most pain; her fingers, sore from letting the bow-string fly between... more
    • Aiming for the TopTain Aethan'Tar, Fri Apr 28 02:08
      A soft breeze rustled the trees overhead, as the young Aethan’Tar crept his way closer to his goal. Tain had not been assigned any lessons for the day and had planned a whole afternoon of exploration ... more
    • Part One: Dry-FireJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Wed Apr 26 00:22
      “Right,” Jield said after the last trainee had introduced themselves, “since most of you have no experience whatsoever in the bow and arrow, that is to say the field of archery, I’m going to start at ... more
      • Burning with ambitionTain Aethan'Tar, Sat Apr 29 01:32
        Tain was more focused as the introductions continued, listening to everybody in turn, as they shared what little of their story they wanted. He was just being polite really, as he did not know anyone ... more
      • Smoke, Perhaps, But Little MoreRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 26 08:02
        Too embarrassed by her own ignorance to pay much attention to the others attending this class, Riani kept her eyes and ears directed solely towards the lecturing Head Gaidin as he described and, more ... more
    • ArcheryCatharina Dar'cueran, Tue Apr 25 23:19
      Catharina ran a hand through her frizzled black hair, wishing her little experiment earlier that day had been successful. She’d seen it on a couple of other girls around the Training Grounds, how... more
    • Yes, please, Let me Try!Riani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 19 11:30
      Riani Seruman, only remaining daughter of the High Seat of House Seruam and heir thereof, rose from the awkward bow she had made in imitation of the Aethan’Tar in front of her. The other Aethan’Tar;... more
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