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Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee
Hooked on a feelin'...
Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:04 (XFF:

Adrien wondered as he wandered aimlessly through the White Tower, just how it was that anything ever got accomplished in the ceaseless warren the Aes Sedai and their ilk called home. He decided he much preferred the Black Tower for about the thirtieth time as he turned another corner to find himself once more in the self same courtyard that he had left a half bells hence. He was never going to find the blasted training hall he was looking for at this rate.

Feeling the frustration boiling in his blood, Adrien stopped cold in the center of the courtyard and drew a deep shuddering breath, tossing his fingers through the curls on his head as he did so. As much as he despised the dispassionate separate of one from themselves the technique known as Ko’di provided, there were times when it proved a useful tool, such as focusing ones mind. However, the young Private known as Chandonne did things a bit differently, he drew all his energy, frustration, passion, ambition, all of it, together into one tight not and envisioned it growing tighter and tighter, continually building the pressure until at last it gave way and erupted into a flash of fire and then nothingness. Adrien counted his breathes, waiting for his heart rate to slow. Since his gift with the Voice had been made manifest, he had become more… aware of the world around him, and he slowly expanded that sense until he covered the whole courtyard with it. With a warm body entered, walking at a pace that indicated haste, Adrien stretched out a hand and grasped their arm.

“Excuse me,” he offered a bow, opening his shockingly green eyes as he returned to uprightness. Seeing a liveried serving maid clutching a stack of towels the trainee released his grip on her arm. “and pardons madam, but I require your assistance.” The woman ran a frosty gaze over him, taking in his uniform with extra relish.

“What are you looking for?” She asked quietly in an oddly slurring tone that seemed to slither into and out of his ears so fast he almost failed to catch what she had said, even though her speech was oddly paced to his ears. Raising an eyebrow appraisingly, the andorran searched for some physical sign of this woman’s nationality, but he saw non he recognized.

“The training hall the unarmed combat lesson is being held in.” He said after a moment of silent internal struggle. The maid sniffed.

“You are in the wrong wing for that youngling.” She said as she turned and started off across the courtyard, in a direction apparently counter to her previous intents. “But I imagine you’ll not find it by yourself so follow me and step quickly or I’ll leave you gawking, no matter how smart you may look in that uniform.” Snapping the jaw he hadn’t realized was open closed, Adrien double timed it across the courtyard to chase the maids retreating skirts down a hallway he thought he had already been down a half dozen times. It scarcely took five minutes to get from where they had been to where he had needed to be, but the maid had been right. Adrien knew he never would have found it unaided. Indicating the appropriate door with a nod of her head, the woman continued on unabated, around another corner and out of sight. Adrien wondered how anyone lived at that pace, but he knew at least one Aethen’tar who did. Karajan, Valla Karajan. She had exhausted him standing still. And yet, she was another woman whose company he realized he would not disdain should the opportunity present itself. Drawing another breathe, Adrien opened the door to the hall and entered quietly unsure whether he was late.

The floor of the hall, he noticed immediately was covered with some sort of matting which padded the stone. In the center of that padding was a circle of cushions on which rested his fellow students, all glancing at one another nervously, all accept one, who instead sat quietly, attention turned inward. Adrien selected a relatively isolated cushion, meaning he had no immediate neighbors and sat quietly, draping his ankles over his knees as he often sat beneath the Traitors Tree. One of his fellow Soldiers, from whom Adrien had begged axe tutoring, had said that strong legs, a solid base was integral, so Adrien had been working on that muscle group exhaustively.

“Welcome,” a voice said, shocking Adrien and several of his classmates, “to the hand to hand combat lesson.” Casting about for the source of the voice, Adrien was surprised to realize it came from the woman who had been focused on her own thoughts. He had mistaken her for a student. Now that that misconception was cleared up, he focused his attention on her. “I do not want your names just yet,” she continued without opening her eyes, “but instead I want you to make yourself comfortable on your cushion, there are enough for everyone.” That statement, the young Chandonne found somewhat rhetorical seeing as everyone was already seated, but he listened as the instructor continued “Meditation is a vital part to hand to hand combat in order to properly relax your mind and body to be at your best…” The class sat, rapt with attention as the instructor continued to explain what she wanted, and Adrien found himself following along before the woman had finished speaking. He prepared to do most of his Singing this same way…

“Your final muscle will be your mind,” the instruction continued even though a full half of Adrien’s body was already relaxed and his arms were beginning to feel pleasantly tingly “and when you make it weightless you will feel a swarming feeling that is oddly calming. When you achieve this, take twenty more breaths and open your eyes.” It took only another moment or two to get his mind to that place, so the Private began to count his breaths once more. When he counted the last, he slid his eyes opened and sought once more for the instructor, and met her gaze with his, waiting patiently for the continuation which was inevitable.

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    • Lesson Finished!Jeremy, Sun May 14 14:10
      Good job, guys, and those with cedit are: -Accepted Arin -Sarin, Aethan'Tar And those with extensions are: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee New lessons ahoy! ::Jeremy::
    • Part Three: Hands-OnLyone Sei'Tar, MuC, Tue May 9 04:11
      After a few moments of her little spiel, a few hands shot into the air and Lyone pointed at the boy who’d raised his hand first – one of those black clad trainees from the Black Tower. “What’s your... more
      • ObservingTain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 18 03:12
        After the short, delightful demonstration, that had the Sei’Tar pummeling the Light out of a Black Tower trainee, a short question and answers session followed. Tain smiled happily to himself, as the ... more
      • Practice Makes Fools of Us All.Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee, Mon May 15 20:11
        Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne had to give the Sei’tar credit. She would have made a fine soldier in the Dragons army, with her fire and her matter-of-factness. He admired that in her, in everyone for... more
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      • Remembering Old LessonsAccepted Arin Alistaire, Sat May 13 13:47
        Arin tried to listen more intently than she had the previous time as the Sei'Tar continued to explain. The woman, apparently, either did not want them to know much about her or would just rather keep ... more
    • Part Two: RulesLyone Sei'Tar, MuC, Tue May 2 22:54
      As they began the exercise that Lyone had given them, the Sei’Tar moved around the room slowly, watching each student as they practiced the punches that Lyone had set them. It was quite amusing to... more
      • Rule Number oneSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Mon May 15 17:25
        Every teacher who would teach something like hand to hand combat would tell you that you should never use it unless in self-defense. But Sarin Cordana knew better, after all they weren’t training him ... more
      • I was never one for rules!Tain Aethan'Tar, Tue May 9 00:59
        Tain smiled to himself, as he continued his fight against the imaginary foe, he was pretending to beat the life out of, by punching. He was enjoying this lesson and was looking forward to using it to ... more
      • Of the Highest PriorityAccepted Arin Alistaire, Mon May 8 22:17
        Arin tried to keep her attention on the teacher, only half-succeeding. This woman's method of teaching and Lian's method were two different things. Lian's way had been rather… painful at times,... more
      • Protocols MUST Be ObservedAdrien-Baptiste Chandonee, Wed May 3 13:23
        “Now,” the as yet unnamed instructor said after rattling off a whole spiel about the proper progression for defending ones self. As he would have expected for the White Tower, it was long, tedious,... more
    • Fighting for survivalTain Aethan'Tar, Fri Apr 28 02:13
      In quick succession, three blows landed in his midriff, knocking him off his feet, to tumble to the ground. Tain lay on his back, staring up at the clear blue sky, trying and failing to pull air into ... more
    • Quieting the MindAccepted Arin Alistaire, Thu Apr 27 20:23
      Arin couldn't help smiling slightly. This coming lesson was something that she enjoyed: hand to hand combat. As her friends could testify, the girl was violent. Under pressure, she was fairly likely... more
    • Part One: PunchingLyone Sei'Tar, MuC, Wed Apr 26 00:49
      “It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?” Lyone asked, hoping that most of the trainees gathered had actually managed to reach the stage in the meditation when the feeling she wanted them to get became... more
      • Fists of RageSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Apr 30 16:36
        Sarin Cordana’s fist was balled at his side through the whole time the teacher spoke; he was ready to fight without a weapon any day. He slowly raised each hand to their proper position near his... more
      • Re-learningAccepted Arin Alistaire, Sat Apr 29 13:24
        Their instructor on the subject seemed to be quite enthusiastic about what she was teaching. Certainly, she was more verbose than she had been when explaining the basics of meditation. It was a sharp ... more
      • A warrior without a clueTain Aethan'Tar, Sat Apr 29 01:30
        A flash of lightning illuminated the parade grounds, as a crash of thunder split the silence. Rain poured out of the heavens, soaking the tall man through. He stood at the centre of the open area,... more
      • Punch Drunk LoveAdrien-Baptiste Chandonne, Fri Apr 28 19:55
        It might have taken longer than he could consider desirable, the lesson did eventually continue. The instructor offered a few insights, and for the most part, they made sense. That… whatever her name ... more
    • Only a Fool Trusts His Life To a WeaponSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Apr 23 17:09
      Sarin Cordana tossed aside the rag he had used to wipe the sweat from his forehead after his 5-mile jog. It was a simple warm-up while he had nothing better to do, no lessons until later in the day... more
    • Hooked on a feelin'... — Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee, Fri Apr 21 11:04
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