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Tue Apr 25, 2006 23:19 (XFF:

Catharina ran a hand through her frizzled black hair, wishing her little experiment earlier that day had been successful. She’d seen it on a couple of other girls around the Training Grounds, how they had their hair braided in tiny braids, but doing it on herself hadn’t turned out as she thought. It wasn’t the same as braiding Fanny’s hair in one big braid, by far, so she had given up pretty quickly. Maybe she could ask someone else to do it for her? If she had had any to ask. Even after being in this place for about a month now, her friendships were still at a minimum. And yet, Fanny, the shy and quiet of the two, had managed to get a lot of friends among her fellow Novices. It seemed Fanny didn’t have that much time to hang out with her anymore, being so caught up in her studies. Of course, she had her own things to do as well, but it hurt. She didn’t want to be here in the first place, not really; the only reason she came was to be with Fanny, and now her twin had more important things to do. She could feel the loneliness creeping in over her, but she wouldn’t let it take over. Taking a breath and pushing Fanny out of her thoughts for a little while, she grabbed a thin stap of cloth which she tied her hair up with, and walked out of her room.

Katja’s eyes went here and there as she walked down the corridor of the barracks, catching up small details along her way. She was curious of mind, and it was something she couldn’t do anything about. It was a good thing, she kept telling herself, as long as she could keep herself from staring. Quick glances didn’t bother other people; they usually didn’t even notice. How some people could be so ignorant and stare right ahead of them as they walked, not caring about their surroudings, she couldn’t understand.

On her way out to the Grounds, she passed by the Lesson Board, and stopped. Lessons for the day, lessons for the day after, they all hung here. But right now it was one that caught her eye. Archery lesson, taught by Jield Gaidin. She’d never used a bow before, but she often stopped by the Archery range when other were practicing, watching them in a bit of envy. She wanted to learn.

A bell sounded over the Grounds, and she looked at the time the lesson started. It was already past noon; was this the first or second bell? In any way, she didn’t have much time. She cast one more glance at the lesson board before she walked off with a course for the Archery range, her mind wandering about. It was Jield who taught this lesson. Even if he was her mentor, she hadn’t seen him in a while now. She smiled a little at the thought of getting to see him again, then corrected herself. He’s the Head Gaidin, girl. Stop those taughts. But she tended to look at him as her mentor, not the Head of the Gaidins.

She reached the Archery range a little before the second bell rang, and sat down with the others to wait. When the second bell sounded in the air, Jield stood in front of them and started to speak.

“Right, you should all know me – I’m Jield Gaidin, the Head Gaidin. Today we’re here to learn Archery. I know most, if not all, of you, but I’ll still get you to introduce yourself with your name for the others in the class. However, I do not know your extend of experience with archery, so you’d best tell me that.”

Katja waited until a few of the others had spoken, before it was her turn. Jield knew her, of course, but the others didn’t. “I’m Catharina Dar’cueran. I’ve never used the bow before, never held one in fact, but I’ve always wanted to learn.”

OOC: Don't have time to send a mail. But, can I have an extention? Going away for two weeks now, you know. Please? I'll finish it when I get back, promise.

  • How About Some Archery?Jield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Wed Apr 19 03:36
    His mind in other places, Jield idly pushed his fringe away from his face and attempted to brush it behind his ear with no success. Giving up, he took a leather strip from his pocket and tied his... more
    • Lesson Finished!Jeremy, Sun May 14 14:13
      Okay guys, you all did well. Credit goes to: -Riani, Aethan'Tar And extensions to: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Catharina, Aethan'Tar New lessons coming soon! ::Jeremy::
    • Part Three: GamesJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 9 04:10
      Jield began to walk up and down the archery yard yet again, slowly pacing back and forth as he watched each trainee fire arrows at the target as they had the day before. It was now a new day, and... more
      • End Game!Tain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 18 03:09
        The resonating twang of a bowstring split the silence of the yard. The sun was on its last legs and was slowly sinking behind the horizon. A soft pleasant breeze played across the young Aethan’Tar’s... more
      • TreacheryRiani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 12 12:24
        Riani looked around. Yes, she was well hidden. Even standing as tall as she was – which wasn’t all that tall, of course, but still – her head did not quite touch the lowest branch; there was still a... more
    • Part Two: Arrows!Jield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 2 22:55
      Despite Jield’s warnings, some of the trainees managed to slap the bowstring against their flesh somehow, some of them wearing the protection he’d given them and others, much more stupid and in much... more
      • Dead-EyeTain Aethan'Tar, Fri May 5 05:28
        Tain had distanced himself from the rest of the group, in order to practice. He was not one for crowds or idle chitchat and he had no interest in listening to others ramble on. He had set himself up... more
      • Sore Fingers, Tired ArmsRianii Aethan'Tar, Wed May 3 05:53
        When the Gaidin spoke again Riani was relieved. Surely, they would be allowed to leave now? She was not sure what caused her the most pain; her fingers, sore from letting the bow-string fly between... more
    • Aiming for the TopTain Aethan'Tar, Fri Apr 28 02:08
      A soft breeze rustled the trees overhead, as the young Aethan’Tar crept his way closer to his goal. Tain had not been assigned any lessons for the day and had planned a whole afternoon of exploration ... more
    • Part One: Dry-FireJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Wed Apr 26 00:22
      “Right,” Jield said after the last trainee had introduced themselves, “since most of you have no experience whatsoever in the bow and arrow, that is to say the field of archery, I’m going to start at ... more
      • Burning with ambitionTain Aethan'Tar, Sat Apr 29 01:32
        Tain was more focused as the introductions continued, listening to everybody in turn, as they shared what little of their story they wanted. He was just being polite really, as he did not know anyone ... more
      • Smoke, Perhaps, But Little MoreRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 26 08:02
        Too embarrassed by her own ignorance to pay much attention to the others attending this class, Riani kept her eyes and ears directed solely towards the lecturing Head Gaidin as he described and, more ... more
    • Archery — Catharina Dar'cueran, Tue Apr 25 23:19
    • Yes, please, Let me Try!Riani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 19 11:30
      Riani Seruman, only remaining daughter of the High Seat of House Seruam and heir thereof, rose from the awkward bow she had made in imitation of the Aethan’Tar in front of her. The other Aethan’Tar;... more
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