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Part One: Punching
Wed Apr 26, 2006 00:49 (XFF:

“It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?” Lyone asked, hoping that most of the trainees gathered had actually managed to reach the stage in the meditation when the feeling she wanted them to get became obvious. “Hopefully by now you’re all feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm, I gave plenty of time for you all to do it so we’re right to begin the lesson. We won’t need introductions yet, so we’ll go on without them; I hope that you all know what hand to hand combat is, it’s basically fighting without a weapon, but using your body instead as a weapon. I find it very sensible to know how to fight with your body, in case something happens that means you cannot use physical weapons – the sword, the bow, the quarterstaff – at all.”

Lyone stood up and stood in front of her cushion and gestured for the rest of the class followed suite, some of the fidgeting in a way that told the Sei’Tar they had not had any success with the meditation exercise she had set them.

“One important thing to remember about hand to hand combat is this rule; hard on soft, or soft on hard. In other words, if you intend to hit someone on a soft place on their body, use a hard part of your body, and the same is true in reverse. Soft places might include the sides, while hard include the knees. If you draw a straight line down the center of your opponent’s body, you’ll find that that line encompasses most places that you can hit your opponent and cause serious damage; the eyes and nose, the neck, the solar plexus and stomach, the groin, and finally the shins. You can obviously tell that some places are more dangerous to your opponent than others, the nose, if hit correctly, will drive part of their skull into their brain.”

Lyone had never had to kill a man, or woman, using hand to hand combat, but she knew very well how to do it if need be, and she knew how to do it in varying ways, some of those more painful than others, and some of them taking a good deal longer than others.

“These type of places wouldn’t be breached upon in a spar for practice, or at least if they were you would stop your blow short, but in real life situations they are very useful. Stabbing your finger in an eye causes a surprisingly large amount of damage, or maybe you could attack the bridge of the nose, or just palm your opponent anywhere on the nose. Any type of chop or punch seems to work well for the neck, especially if on the windpipe. A low punch or high kick works very effectively on the solar plexus or the stomach, but kicks are better reserved for the groin, only because it’s easier to reach with a kick. The same thing applies when put into theory for the knees.

“Knowing all of this is important, but the hard on soft rule is much more important, because it stops yourself doing any damage to yourself whilst still making the blow as effective as possible. Hitting their forehead with your knuckles will surely hurt, like any hard on hard, but soft on soft will reduce the effect of the slow. So try hard on soft, knuckles in the stomach.”

Lyone was on a role now, she wasn’t thinking much about what she was saying but rather just letting the words pour out of her as she demonstrated everything by pointing to the appropriate places on her own body.

“Right, now you know that we can start on with some fun stuff; punches. It is important you hold a fist properly – with your fingers curled up against your palm and your thumb over them – to cause minimal damage to you. If your thumb is not on the outside, but rather tucked up under your fingers there is a large risk of damage to yourself, such as breaking a thumb. From there, just a simple few punches,” she said, suddenly thrusting her right arm, her hand curled up into a fist, into the air four times before placing it back at her side.

“Aim to hit your target with your knuckles, because this cause more damage than the flats of your fingers. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your fist at an angle so it isn’t parallel with your target, understand? It isn’t as simple as just punching, of course, it’s also matters how you stand. Your forward foot is usually your strong side, so my own right, and most of your weight is on that, but be alert to suddenly spring back onto the other foot if you need to dodge a nasty attack from your opponent. Your two feet are at right angles and are spaced apart, a little bit further than shoulder width, to make you as stable as possible. Your back foot should be slightly behind your forward foot to back it easier to kick with. Both of your arms, in fists, should be upside down so that the palm of your hand would be facing the sky if your hands were open. Your fists should be just above your waist, and your elbows tucked behind your back. When you punch, you twist your arm towards the side of the arm, so if you’re using your right arm, you twist to your right, then punch, and twist back to finish back at your side. Make sure when you punch, your fist flips over so that your knuckles are now facing the sky. Like so.”

She demonstrated, alternating her hands so she did five successive punches with each, each time extending out only to bring her fists back to her side. Each time she hit her imaginary opponent, she pulled the punch back immediately, adding, “As soon as you hit your target, pull your fist back immediately to take advantage of your opponent’s reaction to place your second blow. You can vary each time where your punches will go, one to the stomach, then to the chest, another to the stomach, and them maybe one to the head. I want you all to go off on your own and practice what I’ve just taught you, I’ll be walking around correcting anyone that is doing something wrong, and I’ll be here to answer any questions you might have! Begin.”

OOC: Lesson is still open for sure, anyone who wants to join can, and please do! I think 400 words is a reasonable amount to ask for this, so please write at least that, but I’m sure you can do more. Email me if you have any questions =)

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