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Smoke, Perhaps, But Little More
Wed Apr 26, 2006 08:02 (XFF:

Too embarrassed by her own ignorance to pay much attention to the others attending this class, Riani kept her eyes and ears directed solely towards the lecturing Head Gaidin as he described and, more importantly, named the parts of a bow to them. She more than suspected that for several of the others this must be about as basic as how to sneak out of a derelict building was for some of the street-children she had been used to running around with, but for Riani it was a much-needed instruction to receive, and almost despite of herself she felt a strange sort of gratitude towards the man for starting out so basic on them. Some of the instructors here at the Training Grounds seemed to think that all the initiates knew at least as much as a common soldier in her father’s small army would, or at least so it seemed for someone who had known little more about a quarterstaff than that it could be used to beat people with and next to nothing about fighting with your hands. Not that she knew a lot now, but at least she was considerably better-

“Come on,” a low voice muttered into her ear, and Riani started forward after the rest of the class, walking over to a row of bows. There were no quivers, or whatever the Gaidin had called them, but she shrugged; surely he knew what he was doing.

The first bow she picked was, according to the man standing behind her, too long for her; it seemed the Gaidin had told them to choose bows that reached half-way between their elbow and shoulder. When she returned to her place she held just that gingerly in her hands; it was made of some kind of wood, and the string seemed to be in good working order, at least to her inexperienced eyes. Then again, surely the bow would not have made it out of the armory unless it was up to standards?

She listened attentively – she was not going to dream herself away again, however briefly! – and unconsciously moved her feet so that she stood like Jield had instructed and demonstrated, moving the bow from right to left hand and then lifting it up in front of her face, left arm outstretched.

On her first attempt everything went – as far as Riani could judge – just fine. After a few tries she got somewhat too brave, however, with the unfortunate result that the string of the bow brushed the inside of the wrist of her left. And as the Gaidin had warned; it did hurt. Riani bit her teeth together though, intent on at least attaining some degree of success, and continued to practise.

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    • Smoke, Perhaps, But Little More — Riani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 26 08:02
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