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Quieting the Mind
Thu Apr 27, 2006 20:23 (XFF:

Arin couldn't help smiling slightly. This coming lesson was something that she enjoyed: hand to hand combat. As her friends could testify, the girl was violent. Under pressure, she was fairly likely to respond with a punch or a kick, or in some cases, a bite. It made her difficult to get along with, at times, but it made her… interesting, at least. The sight of someone of Arin's height doing any sort of fighting was rather amusing – Arin was smaller than almost everyone she knew. And yet, she was not a bad fighter. Lian, a Saldaean woman in her parents' employ, had taught her a fair amount of hand to hand fighting before she had come to the Tower. Her parents had been quite glad of this: it had kept Arin's temper under control.

"Are you sure you're not going to come with me, Tavon?" she said, glancing over at her friend with a begging sort of look in her eyes. "You really should come – we both know that you'll enjoy it." Tavon was as violent as Arin herself was.

The other woman sighed. "I'd love to come, but I—I don't think I've the time," she said, hesitantly. Arin frowned. This seemed to be one of those days where Tavon was behaving unsettlingly unlike herself. These days had started to become more frequent, of late, and thus far Arin had failed to figure out just what was causing them.

She resigned herself to the fact that Tavon would not be coming with her. "Alright, then. If you insist that you have things to do," Arin said, standing up. "I've got to be getting over there." She considered Tavon for a moment, then added as an afterthought, "Take care of yourself, please." The dark circles under Tavon's eyes hadn't been there a few days previous.

"I'm fine," Tavon snarled, turning away. Arin sighed and hurried off to the training hall where the lesson was to be held.

Arriving, she found a circle of cushions set up, with the woman who was teaching sitting upon a cushion herself. The rest of the students milled around uncertainly for a moment before seating themselves on cushions, and Arin followed suit, trying to make herself comfortable.

"Welcome," the teacher said suddenly, causing Arin to start slightly, "to the hand to hand combat lesson." She went on to explain how she did not wish for them to introduce themselves at the moment. Instead, they were to meditate.

Arin was not extremely familiar with the concept of meditation, but the idea at least seemed fairly simple. The practice, however, was a bit more difficult. It took her a fair bit of time beforehand just to quiet her mind enough that she could stop twitching. Then it became a little easier, though, and in truth, rather relaxing. Arin took deep breaths and tightened and relaxed her muscles, trying to achieve the feeling of weightlessness. It took her a bit longer, but then suddenly a sort of calm washed over her body. She took the twenty more breaths, and then opened her eyes slowly.

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    • Lesson Finished!Jeremy, Sun May 14 14:10
      Good job, guys, and those with cedit are: -Accepted Arin -Sarin, Aethan'Tar And those with extensions are: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Adrien-Baptiste Chandonee New lessons ahoy! ::Jeremy::
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    • Part Two: RulesLyone Sei'Tar, MuC, Tue May 2 22:54
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        Tain smiled to himself, as he continued his fight against the imaginary foe, he was pretending to beat the life out of, by punching. He was enjoying this lesson and was looking forward to using it to ... more
      • Of the Highest PriorityAccepted Arin Alistaire, Mon May 8 22:17
        Arin tried to keep her attention on the teacher, only half-succeeding. This woman's method of teaching and Lian's method were two different things. Lian's way had been rather… painful at times,... more
      • Protocols MUST Be ObservedAdrien-Baptiste Chandonee, Wed May 3 13:23
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    • Quieting the Mind — Accepted Arin Alistaire, Thu Apr 27 20:23
    • Part One: PunchingLyone Sei'Tar, MuC, Wed Apr 26 00:49
      “It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?” Lyone asked, hoping that most of the trainees gathered had actually managed to reach the stage in the meditation when the feeling she wanted them to get became... more
      • Fists of RageSarin Cordana - Aethan'Tar, Sun Apr 30 16:36
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      • Punch Drunk LoveAdrien-Baptiste Chandonne, Fri Apr 28 19:55
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