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Aiming for the Top
Fri Apr 28, 2006 02:08 (XFF:

A soft breeze rustled the trees overhead, as the young Aethan’Tar crept his way closer to his goal. Tain had not been assigned any lessons for the day and had planned a whole afternoon of exploration of the city. That plan had not pleased the Sei’Tar that had stirred him from his sleep and in a flash Tain had been dragged out of his bed and forced to prepare for a hard day training. The day had started with a few laps of the Tower Grounds and a spar with the Sei’Tar, an Arafellin woman by the name of Faoelin. The Sei’Tar had been pleased with Tain’s performance and had left him to his own devices for the rest of the day.

Like that was going to happen! Tain thought, snorting angrily.

After the spar with Faoelin, Tain had returned to his room briefly, to wash and change. Barely any of the day had been used up and he still planned to explore Tar Valon, after having some breakfast that is. Making his way to the kitchens had been his second mistake for the day, his first, telling Faoelin what he had planned to do. Tain had not reached the kitchens, before he had been cornered by a tall fierce looking Gaidar and drafted to deliver a letter to her Aes Sedai for her. He hadn’t bothered trying to argue, he had done that once and he would never do it willingly again. After receiving strict instructions on where to find the Aes Sedai and how to know her when he did, he dashed off at full speed, not wanting to waste more of the day. Finding the Aes Sedai had been the easy part. The woman stood out like a rose among thorns!

A very apt description! Tain thought, smiling briefly, as he recalled the woman to mind.

Standing at six foot five, with long red curls cascading down her back, Gale of the Cloven moon sept of the Nakai Aiel, was an impressive woman. Her light green eyes, a perfect match of the green silk dress she wore, held a sparkle of amusement when Tain had handed her the letter. Tain had made to go, but was stopped when the woman pressed another sealed envelope into his hands, saying that she had been about to get a Novice to deliver it, but that he could do it instead. Bowing deeply, he had turned and dashed down the corridor, before she had opened the letter from her Gaidar.

I’d probably still be running around with bloody letters, if I had waited! he thought, taking another step forward and stopping suddenly when he caught a glimpse of movement to his right. Not catching me now! he thought, throwing himself to the ground and covering himself, with a dark green and brown cloak.

It had been a simple matter to find the Gaidin he was to deliver the letter to and Tain had expected that to be the end of it. But it hadn’t been! No, the Gaidin had been about to start a lesson on Forest Combat when Tain had interrupted him and was not too happy at being bothered. In fact, he was so angry that when Tain turned to leave, the Gaidin grabbed him by the shoulder, span him around and dumped all the gear a trainee was expected to carry, during the lesson, into Tain’s arms. It was this, that now had Tain geared up to his teeth, with everything a warrior needed, to survive a week in the woods.

“Why didn’t I bloody lie to that goat kissing, Faoelin?” Tain wondered allowed, forgetting where he was and that the object of his mission was to infiltrate another teams base. Blood and bloody ashes. Did they hear me? he hunched lower to the ground, listening intently.

“Glad to know you think so high of me Tain!” he had not heard the woman sneak up on him, but in an instant Tain was rolled onto his back, with a kick to the ribs. He lay on his back panting hard and staring up at the Sei’Tar standing over him. She held the butt of a staff to his throat and Tain was sure she was just waiting for a reason, to end his miserable life. “You are out Aethan’Tar!” she smiled brightly at him and swung the staff away, before reaching down and offering him her hand.

“Forgive me Faoelin, I did not mean what I said. I quite enjoyed our training this morning!” he smiled at the woman and took her hand.

“No harm done Tain,” the Sei’Tar said, pulling him to his feet, “Besides, you can make it up to me by training with me every morning. Deal?”

While standing, Tain was the taller, but he could not help but feel insignificant, beside a person with such a strong personality. “Deal!” he shook her hand firmly and smiled. He was now glad of their meeting this morning, to tell the truth. He knew barely anyone and it was nice to think that he would have someone to train with.

“Okay. Now, your out and that means the lesson is over for you. I suggest you leave now, quietly and head for dinner… Oh and stay away from Merrone Gaidin, he is liable to skin you if you go near him!” she dusted off her hands and reached up to pat him on the shoulder.

“Thanks Faoelin. Till tomorrow yes?” he smiled at her brightly and turned to go.

“Hey, wait, check out the notice board, I hear Jield Gaidin is giving an Archery lesson tomorrow. You should go, it’d be good for ya!” without another word, she disappeared into the undergrowth.

I might just do that! Tain thought, smiling slightly. This could be interesting!

Tain had been dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn, by an extremely awake Faoelin. She had told him exactly what to wear and at breakfast, exactly what to eat, to give him the most energy. Tain had a strange feeling that this was exactly like having a mother felt like… that or a wife! Faoelin had even gone as far as to drag him to the yard, where the Archery lesson was to take place and make him train with her there. A little before noon Jield Gaidin entered the yard and began to set up. Tain had been ready to pack up and leave, but the Sei’Tar had made him continue on, till Jield was forced to come over and ask them to leave, if they were not taking part in the lesson.

“I am not taking part Gaidin, but Tain here is!” Faoelin had said, nudging him in the ribs painfully, till he spoke up. When the man had asked whether Tain was indeed here for the lesson, he had replied, grudgingly that yes, he was in fact here to take part and would stay. Faoelin left with a extremely pleased smug on her face and Tain was forced to grin and bear it, for he was not entirely pleased with being forced into joining this lesson.

It was not long before a small group had gathered around the Head Gaidin and when the numbers seemed to please him, he proceeded.

Introductions? We didn’t have to do that in the lesson I took yesterday! Oh well… I wonder what I am meant to say? Well, here goes! Tain had blanked out completely and had not heard another name. Standing he cleared his throat and bowed to Jield. “I am Tain Aethan’Tar, I was born and raised in Ebou Dar and lived all my life in the Rahad. I have a small bit of experience with the bow. Hunting and that sort of thing…” he trailed off unsure as to how to continue. Hope that was good enough!

OOC: Hope its long enough… Thanks for letting me join

  • How About Some Archery?Jield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Wed Apr 19 03:36
    His mind in other places, Jield idly pushed his fringe away from his face and attempted to brush it behind his ear with no success. Giving up, he took a leather strip from his pocket and tied his... more
    • Lesson Finished!Jeremy, Sun May 14 14:13
      Okay guys, you all did well. Credit goes to: -Riani, Aethan'Tar And extensions to: -Tain, Aethan'Tar -Catharina, Aethan'Tar New lessons coming soon! ::Jeremy::
    • Part Three: GamesJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 9 04:10
      Jield began to walk up and down the archery yard yet again, slowly pacing back and forth as he watched each trainee fire arrows at the target as they had the day before. It was now a new day, and... more
      • End Game!Tain Aethan'Tar, Thu May 18 03:09
        The resonating twang of a bowstring split the silence of the yard. The sun was on its last legs and was slowly sinking behind the horizon. A soft pleasant breeze played across the young Aethan’Tar’s... more
      • TreacheryRiani Aethan'Tar, Fri May 12 12:24
        Riani looked around. Yes, she was well hidden. Even standing as tall as she was – which wasn’t all that tall, of course, but still – her head did not quite touch the lowest branch; there was still a... more
    • Part Two: Arrows!Jield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Tue May 2 22:55
      Despite Jield’s warnings, some of the trainees managed to slap the bowstring against their flesh somehow, some of them wearing the protection he’d given them and others, much more stupid and in much... more
      • Dead-EyeTain Aethan'Tar, Fri May 5 05:28
        Tain had distanced himself from the rest of the group, in order to practice. He was not one for crowds or idle chitchat and he had no interest in listening to others ramble on. He had set himself up... more
      • Sore Fingers, Tired ArmsRianii Aethan'Tar, Wed May 3 05:53
        When the Gaidin spoke again Riani was relieved. Surely, they would be allowed to leave now? She was not sure what caused her the most pain; her fingers, sore from letting the bow-string fly between... more
    • Aiming for the Top — Tain Aethan'Tar, Fri Apr 28 02:08
    • Part One: Dry-FireJield Gaidin, Head Gaidin, Wed Apr 26 00:22
      “Right,” Jield said after the last trainee had introduced themselves, “since most of you have no experience whatsoever in the bow and arrow, that is to say the field of archery, I’m going to start at ... more
      • Burning with ambitionTain Aethan'Tar, Sat Apr 29 01:32
        Tain was more focused as the introductions continued, listening to everybody in turn, as they shared what little of their story they wanted. He was just being polite really, as he did not know anyone ... more
      • Smoke, Perhaps, But Little MoreRiani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 26 08:02
        Too embarrassed by her own ignorance to pay much attention to the others attending this class, Riani kept her eyes and ears directed solely towards the lecturing Head Gaidin as he described and, more ... more
    • ArcheryCatharina Dar'cueran, Tue Apr 25 23:19
      Catharina ran a hand through her frizzled black hair, wishing her little experiment earlier that day had been successful. She’d seen it on a couple of other girls around the Training Grounds, how... more
    • Yes, please, Let me Try!Riani Aethan'Tar, Wed Apr 19 11:30
      Riani Seruman, only remaining daughter of the High Seat of House Seruam and heir thereof, rose from the awkward bow she had made in imitation of the Aethan’Tar in front of her. The other Aethan’Tar;... more
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