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Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne
Punch Drunk Love
Fri Apr 28, 2006 19:55 (XFF:

It might have taken longer than he could consider desirable, the lesson did eventually continue. The instructor offered a few insights, and for the most part, they made sense. That… whatever her name was continued to with hold her name and refuse to take introductions from her students was grating, no Asha’man would be this deep into their lesson without observing proper protocols. That was another thing about this Tower. If it wasn’t the unnecessarily fancy architecture it was how much of it there was, or the lackadaisical attitude of even the Aes Sedai it was the absolute failure to observe even the most simple of protocols. Now that he had decided to become a Soldier, a real one, not just some run away boy playing, Adrien-Baptiste had a high regard and iron resolve for the observation and maintenance of protocol.

Even so, this was a lesson that he needed. So he paid the necessary attention, and now that it was being asked, began to work on properly performing the physical tasks assigned. There wasn’t anything terribly difficult about the mechanics of a punch. Not realistically anyway, he had thrown enough at Dominique and Jean-Luc to know how, or at least, he had thought he had. Naturally therefore, he had no idea. For what the instructor was asking was completely different from any punch he had ever seen or dreamed of throwing.

There was nothing revolutionary when it came to how one should hold their hand. After all, everyone broke their thumbs when they threw their first punches, at least, everyone in his family had, so naturally thereafter you learned. No one ever broke their thumbs that way more than once though, so in that sense, the instructor had nothing new to teach him. Neither did she when it came to which part of the hand to strike his opponent with.

When it came to the stance however, that was something Adrien had never learned. But it made sense. Maximize your weapons, minimize your vulnerabilities. Of course that front leg would be an obvious target, especially if it was to become the fulcrum point of kicks. But that was a point for later consideration. Also of notice, was how open the stance left ones most vulnerable areas. There was no coverage at all with ones elbows tucked behind the back, fists just above the waist. Adrien assumed the position as shown, but he intended to question the apparent disregard for defense if given the opportunity. Right now though, all the instructor had done was give them permission to do was to practice the punches she had shown them. And so Adrien did. He had to admit, that the punches as shown, did feel more… solid. That was probably the appropriate term for it. Of course, he had no experience hitting anything this way, so he wouldn’t know. Adrien assumed he would find out once he got back to his own Tower. There was always someone there ready to spar. And I knew there were those who practiced fighting barehanded, so it would just be a matter of time. Adrien would learn and then practice, refine and practice again. It was part of becoming a weapon, part of becoming a Soldier of the Dragon Reborn.

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