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A warrior without a clue
Sat Apr 29, 2006 01:30 (XFF:

A flash of lightning illuminated the parade grounds, as a crash of thunder split the silence. Rain poured out of the heavens, soaking the tall man through. He stood at the centre of the open area, blade held before him in Basic Three, rivulets of the freezing rain running down its silvery length. He felt not the sting of the cold droplets against his skin, nor the sharp caress of the wind, that blew his unbuttoned shirt around him, buried deep in the Void, he was detached from his own body. Breathing evenly, he allowed his feelings to creep out around him, increasing his awareness of the world around him and the three men that had shadowed his descent from the castle, but pushing away any of that of his own body. Beneath his feet he felt the pulsing beat of the world’s heart, around him, the whispered breath of every living thing and before him, in his hands, the reverberations of the smith’s hammer, which tempered the steel.

Heart and Soul

A flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, spurred his attackers to motion. He pivoted to his strong side, and slid his left foot forward, the blade in his hand flashing like a silvery serpent, to keep one of his shrouded attackers at bay. Reaching the apex of his slide, he threw himself into a roll to his left, as a length of steel passed inches from where his neck had been, returning to his knee and stepping up and forward, the blade held before him vertically. As he reached his feet he pivoted again, this time to his weak side, steel meeting steel, as he dropped to a knee, to pivot past his foe and slash at where the opponent’s knees would have been. Before the shrouded attacker had hit the ground, he was on his feet, pivoting around the falling man to meet the next adversary head on.

“It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?”

Tain awoke with a start, blinking bleary eyed in the bright sunlight, that flooded the room. The last thing he remembered was an amazing need to sneeze, and then… blank! Standing with the rest of the class, Tain yawned and stretched sluggishly, cracking his neck, knuckles and back, loudly. He had not realized he had been so tired, but training did take it out of you. Tain was extremely glad that he did not snore, for, taking a quick look at the Sei’Tar in charge, he decided he had no wish to try his hand, or luck, against her. Shaking the thoughts of sleep out of his mind, he focused on the Sei’Tar before him, listening to every word.

“One important thing to remember about hand to hand combat is this rule; hard on soft, or soft on hard.”

Hard on soft, soft on hard? That I don’t understand. Shouldn’t it be, ‘Hard on soft, harder on hard? If I hit someone in the forehead, at top speed, with a palm, I’m not going to do squat! Everything is so much easier with a weapon! There isn’t any silly technique, just blade goes in, and blood comes out. Light, why is everything so confusing around here? Tain shook his head in wry amusement. He was thoroughly lost, but would hold his peace for now, till at least she had explained everything.

“If you draw a straight line down the center of your opponent’s body, you’ll find that that line encompasses most places that you can hit your opponent and cause serious damage; the eyes and nose, the neck, the solar plexus and stomach, the groin, and finally the shins.”

Tain winced. Light, but there was something disconcerting about a woman instructing them, telling them to kick someone there. Light, not even if I was cornered would I sink so low. There are places you just don’t go and that is one of them!

Tain listened on intently, once she had passed over the whole ‘groin kicking’ thing. Light, thinking about it made him want to scream bloody murder. When she began to explain how to punch properly, Tain began to laugh softly to himself.

“Light, all of these years and all of those fist fights I’ve gotten into,” there had been a lot of fights, growing up in the Rahad it was unavoidable, “All this time and I’ve been doing it wrong!” he whispered softly to himself, shaking his head in amusement. It was funny to be told what you had been doing for thirteen odd years of your life, was completely wrong and that there was a better way to do it.

The Sei’Tar demonstrated the right way to do it, and then ran down through a few basic exercises for them to practice, before sending them off to practice alone. Deciding that alone meant alone, Tain moved out to a far corner, away from the rest of the trainees. Taking up the stance they had been told, Tain began to practice, pushing himself hard till he had grasped the technique, then pushing himself beyond that bare knowledge, to a whole other level. He might not understand why it was done this way, but he would do it and like it. He would do it and love it, for he had to become Gaidin!

OOC: This is one random ass post. He he, Tain is slightly crazy! Its amazing how lessons differ, here you are telling Tain to punch with a balled fist, while Alex was told to punch with the flat of his palm, as to punch with the knuckles ruined your hands. I am confused but because this is the charrie I have now…. Fist it is!

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