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Burning with ambition
Sat Apr 29, 2006 01:32 (XFF:

Tain was more focused as the introductions continued, listening to everybody in turn, as they shared what little of their story they wanted. He was just being polite really, as he did not know anyone else apart from Faoelin and she had dodged out before the lesson began. It was a curse of his, to be alone, but it didnít really bother him any more, he had gotten used to it by now. The lesson truly began when the last trainee in the small group, an Andoran woman, whoís name Tain had missed, had introduced herself.

I could use a little brushing up on the basics! Tain nodded approvingly, when Jield announced that he would start from the start. You never know when the true workings of a bow will come in handy! he smiled briefly, as he thought of his last time using a bow.

It had been a hunting trip a year earlier, a most disastrous hunting trip. The had left Ebou Dar early in the morning, riding out north toward Andor. The trip had not started well, with two of the others dropping out before they had even started, and it had deteriorated from there. They had not really thought the trip through that well really. What did three slum dwellers from the Rahad, know about wilderness survival? Nothing, as they had found out. Being able to survive on the streets of one of the roughest parts, of one of the roughest cityís in the world, was nothing like being able to survive in the wilds. It hadnít taken long for them to skulk home, tails between their legs, back to what they knew.

Hopefully Iíll gain some experience of the wilderness here! Tain thought, shaking himself out of his daydream, just in time to catch the tail end of what Jield was saying. Ah, Tain smiled, rubbing his hands in anticipation, Finally, hands on approach! Tain was a practical person, who loved working with his hands. He was not opposed to hard work and had picked up a few useful skills during his twenty one years. None however had anything remotely to do with this and more than half were less than ílegalí.

Tain followed the rest of the class over, hanging to the back, awaiting his turn to choose. He was not too pushed as to what the bow he received looked like, as long as it felt comfortable in his hands. When it did come to his go, he tested a few before he found the perfect bow. Larger than most, coming up just to his shoulder, it felt perfect to his hand and didnít look half bad either.

ďDonít get anything too big, or you wonít be able to draw it and that will make the whole lesson redundant!Ē

Tain was nearly sure the comment was aimed at him, but he stayed fast to his choice. The bow felt right where it was and he was sure he could draw it. He did not appear strong, with a tall slender build, but he was stronger than he looked, his body covered with hard, well toned muscle.

The first part of their hands on lesson was to practice their draw. Tain had been surprised to learn of the complexity, of something as basic as drawing. It came as no surprise, when he learned his grip had been off and he had been standing completely wrong, every time he had used the weapon before. Drawing was a complex thing and it was only part one of the lesson.

Hope it gets easier! Tain thought, as he walked up to collect the gloves and bracer from Jield.

Slipping on the left glove and fixing the bracer in place, Tain argued with himself over putting on the right for sometime. He himself favored his right, as Jield did, but he had no wish to be impeded by a glove. He liked keeping his strong hand free and in the open, ready for anything, though what he had to be ready for and what he could do when something did happen, was beyond him. He still felt naked, without the plethora of knives he usually carried. Jield had confiscated those when he had entered his name in the books of the Training Grounds and he hadnít gotten over the loss yet. He felt incomplete!

Don the glove Tain and get on with it! he thought, with a small smile. People have already started and you donít want to fall behind. Pulling on the glove, Tain hefted the bow and began to practice, paying extra attention to his stance and hand work.

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