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Sat Apr 29, 2006 13:24 (XFF:

Their instructor on the subject seemed to be quite enthusiastic about what she was teaching. Certainly, she was more verbose than she had been when explaining the basics of meditation. It was a sharp contrast to when Lian had taught Arin about hand-to-hand combat. Lian was not particularly talkative anyway, and she did not care overmuch for explaining. The lessons had mainly consisted of "punch like this, kick like this, and now we shall practice". In those lessons, Arin had learned by doing, or more accurately, by what had been done to her. She had been taught to block by being punched until she could deflect it properly, and to groundfight by being knocked down until she could defend herself while on the ground. It had almost been amusing, however, because Lian had never actually hurt Arin – merely come close. Until Arin had begun to give Lian bruises, at any rate. And then it had become somewhat of a free-for-all.

Arin listened carefully as the Sei'Tar explained the fundamentals, what was actually behind a punch. When she had had lessons in fighting with Lian, there had never been many fundamentals. There had been "learn by doing", which was one of Lian's preferred expressions. But there had never really been "this is how you punch, and this is what it will do to people". Yes, she had learned the hard-on-soft, soft-on-hard rule before too long – but only after bruising her knuckles on bone a few times. Lian also believed that pain taught more memorable lessons than lectures. But she was not unkind. She had been the one to take Arin to Tar Valon when it had been discovered that Arin could channel. Arin trusted her immensely.

Arin slowly curled her hand into a fist, taking care to make sure that this time it was done correctly. The way she had been punching had been more or less correct, but old habits were harder to break, and she wanted to start out doing this correctly and try not to let what she had been doing get too much in the way.

The Sei'Tar ended her explanation, telling them to go off by themselves and practice. Arin walked away from the rest of the group, who were all also scattering, and off into an area by herself. She curled her hand into a fist and slowly extended it, making sure to remember the twist. Then she did the same movement more quickly. The twisting of the arm, she knew, added power. She did a few more sets of slow punches, and then some faster punches, gradually falling into a comfortable rhythm.

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